[UNRELEASED CONTENT - NOT A BUG] ANOTHER Upcoming Faction’s Weapon is not from the Linked Kingdom

Dark Court is scheduled to release on 23rd July, linked to Ghulvania.

The weapon, Shadow Shot, is also scheduled to release on 23rd July, so it is presumably the Dark Court Faction weapon. Yet Shadow Shot is from Forest of Thorns.

Question is, with over a month to fix the problem, are you going to ignore it until after release, like you did last time (link below)? Or are you going to fix it before release?


this has been resolved.

Cheers, Gary.


Hey friends,

Gary beat me to it, but Shadow Shot is a Ghulvania weapon :bow_and_arrow:

Jeto - Support Team Human :woman_mage:t2:


A [FIXED] OP tag may be preferable, for tracking purposes.
:relaxed: :vulcan_salute:


Mm – was a(n unreleased) bug (linked to Forest of Thorns initially, not Ghulvania; and that turned into a released bug last time, hence reasonable to consider it a bug rather than just a detail subject to change), but is no longer, per gary’s SS – i.e. fixed rather than was always not a bug. But IANAD/pounds and pennies ¯_(ツ)_/¯


As content that is unreleased isn’t final, so subject to change. Currently not a Bug as it has yet to be live. Also why I haven’t changed it to fixed, as there is always a possibility for more change later!

Adjusted to Unreleased Content instead.


I’m confused. A bug that isn’t on live servers isn’t a bug? Why even have beta tests then?

It isn’t a bug, it’s an early draft that is still being worked on, the community just manages to sneak in a peek every once in a while by digging through the data files. There’s also a lot of incomplete troops in there, they usually get copied from some template, then adjusted over time.

I guess the core issue here is that these early drafts have been released unfinished to live servers way too often in the past, even when the community saw it coming and warned about it multiple times. However, we’ve got Support Team Human now. Let’s give Jeto a bit of breathing space before we go for torches and pitchforks. :wink: