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[Fixed, re-start your game] Tyran and Rex not working properly

Platform, device version and operating system:
PC, 4.7.5r18392, Windows 10 64-bit

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
My Tyran and Rex is fully ascended to mythic. But sometimes when casting its spell (not dealing skull damage) it only deals 45 damage to Toxic Zuul’Goth (in the current Boss Raid) instead of 5 x 45 damage. As if the game at that moment thinks my Tyran and Rex is not ascended at all or that Toxic Zuul’Goth is not a boss.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It happens in around 1 out of 2 or 3 tries. It has been happening since I started the Boss Raid this morning.

Steps to make it happen again
Just try Tyran and Rex several times against Toxic Zuul’Goth.

Please post a screenshot. It sounds like your T&R was stunned, which temporarily disables the extra damage.

Stun won’t affect spell damage, though. (A screenshot would still help.)


Haven’t experienced any issues on Android doing 20k+ plus damage.
A guild member just reported to me that he’s having issues on steam as well as the OP.
The OP doesn’t make it clear. But it’s happening from cast, not skull damage.

Right, spell damage. In my defense, I haven’t had my morning coffee yet. Now I’m really curious what might be causing this, any chance it only happens for one of the OR conditions?

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Someone from my guildfamily reported the same problem. Also on steam.

Here are some screenshots of the sequence. And to clarify; it does indeed happen when casting the spell, not dealing skull damage



I found the same problem on a Samsung Tablet, Android Version 8.1.0
the multiplicator of “Tyran and Rex” doesn’t work all the time. there are no negative effects on my card, if i cast the spell. the troop has all traits. So that must be a bug.

Can someone test and see if it relates to the row exploding containing skulls? I dont own Zuul or I would do it myself.

My thinking is, when it explodes a row then applies damage it generally does things top to bottom. If the skulls apply first it could try to boost damage there and not the spell which would apply second.

Just a guess though.

I figured out what’s wrong.
The OR-condition is applied the wrong way.

Now it’s interpreted like:
3-5x boss damage and get enraged
destroy a row

It should be (correct me if I’m wrong):
3-5x boss damage and get enraged
3-5x boss damage and destroy a row


There’s the spell issue. I never got to check the skull damage problem.

However, this issue seems to be inconsistent. Happens with not everyone.

@Bitter is correct.

The spell has 4 steps and does either A and B or C and D. But step C omits the extra data that makes the spell do bonus damage to Bosses, thanks to the exceptional commitment to quality we’ve come to expect.


same here… :sob:

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danke für nichts!!!

Da meldet man sich extra an, um einen Bug zu melden und Screenshots zu posten und wird markiert, dass es sich um eine Werbung handelt, die übermäßig werblicher Natur ist, anstatt wie erwartet nützlich oder relevant für das Thema zu sein.

@Saltypatra @Kafka This seems like the kind of thing that should have priority. Especially since Drifting Sands troops are mostly garbage for the task, and a correctly functioning GodSlayer is important this week.

I’ll let my guild know to hold off on event until its fixed.

That’s a bug with discourse I’m guessing. Not the devs intention. You’re a new user who posted 4 images that were basically the same without really saying anything with them. So your posts probably triggered a spam filter.

I just wanted to post my screenshots to show that the boss killer only does simple damage if he destroys a line and multiple damage if he gets angry.
but I didn’t even get that far because I was stopped beforehand and couldn’t post anything anymore.
that was annoying and hopefully understandable …


I have noticed the same issue - only doing base damage without multipliers. Hopefully it will be posted here if/when there is a fix.