[Fixed] McScytheface, McBugface

It continues…


I see the same. Just spend your Epic ingots, it’s so cute!..

The second error for me only appeared after upgrading but I have both as well.

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I don’t even find the weapon in my inventory (playing in french) … totally missing. And not in unpossessed … What’s going on ?

Check your mail. Or if you are on Switch it has not been released there yet.

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Working on it now thanks!


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Xbox one new weapon missing upgrades…

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Came to report the same for PC/Mobile.


I restarted to check as well.

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Same thing happens to me. Also missing the last 3 upgrades. :disappointed:

ok need a restart to show the weapon in the inventory (not logic but …)

Fixed. Restart your game to get the fix.


They’re present for me on mobile.

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:ok_hand: :hugs: