[Fixed in 4.6.5] Boss Repeat in Sword's Edge Explore

Steam, PC and Windows 7:

Screenshot or image: Don’t have one, sorry, but it happened a couple times

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
When I die against a boss or mini-boss in Sword’s Edge, my next normal explore will be against that same boss or mini-boss.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Happened twice. At least once against a miniboss and once against a full boss in Sword’s Edge. I… didn’t try to replicate on purpose because losing boss fights sucks.
And then they show up in normal explore to mock me :sob:

Oh, on Difficulty 10. Not sure about other difficulties.

Steps to make it happen again
See if dying against a boss (which gives reduced shards but gives some) makes the boss spawn as the next opponent in explore – again, only have had this happen in Sword’s Edge as far as I remember.


Darkstone. As you can see, it’s battle 1. Notice Xerodar…

Losing to miniboss (and i assume mythic boss) copy pastes the miniboss team into battle 1 in the next run.

I’d take for granted is the same for all kingdoms.


Can confirm: this happened to me when I lost to TINA in an Adana run, and then was surprised to see her when next my bonus selector picked Adana (which happened right away—the lanterns seem to like hopping between two kingdoms over and over, in my experience).


I hope this gets fixed in the next patch.

Not really about boss teams repeating but another nice bug is if you retreat from a miniboss.

Did for the first time yesterday my hero (sentinel) was first with EF (was using ef, apo, ubby and tpk) AI thought it was fun destroy my hero on his first turn with an infinite cascade of skulls, seen i couldnt be arsed of a long and painful fight retreated right away.

And Pam!, blue screen of death, that actually locked up the PS$ aswell (was stuck in a forever waiting for the 2 choices you get when something crashes, hitting circle wasnt doing anything) and had to reboot ps4.

Tbh dont even recall last time GoW crashed for me.

When back in game i had half the mythstones of the fight added even if i never reached the result screen (it crasher right away at soon i pressed retreat).