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(Fixed in 4.2) Глючит анимация х3

При анимации х3 начинает появлятся лишняя анимация. Точнее анимация предыдущего хода отображается в текущем. Получается вообще непонятная каша из накладывающихся анимаций. Прошу исправить это.

а еще нет возможности написать в поддержку. Точнее я написал и меня сразу отфутболили сюда. бред, однако

I am pasting the Google Translate from Russian > English here, as unfortunately we only offer support in English:

With x3 animation, an extra animation starts to appear. More precisely, the animation of the previous move is displayed in the current one. It turns out generally incomprehensible porridge from overlapping animations. Please correct this.
but there is no possibility to write in support. More precisely, I wrote and I immediately bounced here. nonsense, however

Please provide some more information on your issue so we can help you with the problem:

  1. What platform are you playing on? (e.g. iOS, Android).
  2. Do you have a screenshot of the issue? If possible, please provide a video. This would be very helpful. Here is how to get a screenshot.
  3. When game-mode does this happen in?
  4. What Troops are on your team? What Troops are on the enemy team? Do these Troops have any Traits?
  5. Are there any status effects (e.g Frozen) active?

Google translate:

  1. На какой платформе вы играете? (например, iOS, Android).
  2. У вас есть скриншот проблемы? Если возможно, укажите ** видео. ** Это было бы очень полезно. Вот [как получить снимок экрана.] (Https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000017995-How-to-take-a-screenshot)
  3. Когда в игровом режиме это происходит?
  4. Какие войска находятся в вашей команде? Какие войска находятся в команде противника? У этих войск есть какие-то черты?
  5. Активны ли какие-либо статусные эффекты (например, Frozen)?
  1. Android 6.0.1
  2. https://ru.files.fm/u/2hpvs828
  3. not tested. i think its everythere
  4. trying with different troops. but hero the same
    on x4 animation the same bug. best seen on 1:03 in video. when skuls, blue and purple i can see at one time on next turn

Hi @111
Is an example of the issue you are having at 1:05 minutes into the video? To clarify, the issue is that when playing on x3 Speed, if you get an extra turn the “Extra turn” animation appears delayed after the turn is made?

1:03 minutes into the video. i mean this ( https://ibb.co/JByFBVm ).

Please private message me your invite code or post it here if possible.

Thank you for providing clarity on the issue in the video. Unfortunately, this isn’t something we can change as this visual scenario only happens because the game is set to x3 speed. Sorry about that. :frowning:



Another question.
Can you move lettering “Select a gem”? Because when i use skill and need choose a gem, the lettering close the field. and i need to wait while lettering dissapear.
can you move it upper the field or another place? sorry for my english

Hi @111

I’ve just had news from the development team that this issue should actually be resolved in the next update, version 4.2.

For your second request, I think we will need some more details :frowning: if this is a suggestion and not a bug, could you please post it here with a screenshot? Or send me a message with the information?

Ok. I’ll post it here .