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[Fixed] Bug with 3rd trait for Tartarus

Was just playing the new delve when I saw Tartarus flashing “Darken souls” on my turn. The text of the trait says “gain an extra soul when matching purple gems” but whenever anyone on either side makes any color match, it will still flash as though it has been activated. I haven’t been able to actually pull one yet so I can’t test it in play to see if it’s mechanical as well as visual as I forgot the delve weekend was coming and spent all my shards a couple days ago like a smart boy.

Edit: Platform is mobile, Galaxy s9, and it has happened multiple times when I’ve made it to the final room of the delve. Delve event, not daily delve if that makes any difference. I wasn’t paying attention during the quest fights to see if it happened there as well and since they’re complete I can’t replay them.


I just managed to pull him and in testing, he does gain you souls on any color match made by both sides.

In the screen grab, it’s turn 3 and no purple gems have been matched.

It’s the same on PC, every time a color is matched he gains one soul and it’s not only a visual bug.
When I looked in the settings (cog right top) he does gain a soul on every turn.

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I just noticed it too. Very strange bug indeed.

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Sorry, missed your post when I made mine. My intention wasn’t to spam, I was just skimming and must have missed it. I’d delete this one as it’s a duplicate but people have replied so it’s locked in.

No worries. Just linking it so they are together.

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Isn’t this almost identical to the way the Barbarian was bugged, but with the result being extra attack gained instead of souls?

Unreal that these things keep slipping through.


that’s why you should always floss