Balance Change: Tartarus

We noticed that Tartarus’ Legendary Trait had an issue - instead of gaining a Soul every Purple match, it was gaining a Soul every Color match, Testing everything was definitely easier before we all had to work from home! We thought it might be an easy fix, but it turns out this issue cannot be fixed until the next update.

While the issue isn’t game-breaking, it wasn’t really a very interesting trait in its current (incorrect) form. So we thought that, instead of getting 1 Soul from matching Purple Gems, it might be fun to have it gain 3 Souls from matching Skulls (any time you match skulls that is, Tartarus does not need to be in the front position).

We will be releasing this change in the next 24hrs.


Ok, that’s different…

Not sure how well that 3rd trait would work with Lockjaw, but I guess it pairs with The Infernal Machine…

Guess we’ll have to wait and see to test it.

3 souls per skull match seems kinda low on paper? I don’t know. Would need to match skulls 12 times to hit the soul cap. I guess the spell can make up for it a bit.

At least its nice to know non-1st slot skull traits aren’t off the table though

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Huh, that’s new.


Looks like it just got pushed out. Thank you.

Then why was it released with that trait? :joy:


To be fair. Since Salty didn’t do a preview stream for the new faction.

We were seeing the new Troops before most of the staff did. :man_shrugging:

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You cut Nimhain’s sentence off part way through to change the meaning :wink:


Good change, the original trait (moreso than the glitched one, I’d say) was pretty useless. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t address the current lack of board control among Necromancy troops limiting Tartarus’s utility outside the delve.


Yeah now fix all the other imbalances