[Fixed] 7.5 achievements not showing up on Xbox

Oooooo shhhhh don’t tell anyone :wink:

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You better fix this soon, cause I won’t leave my Alliance …


whenever the 8.0 update. 2- 2 1/2 months from now or so?

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I am also one of the ones that doesn’t have the “join an alliance” achievement. It sucks having to wait for 8.0 which is probably months away. Does leaving and rejoining guarantee the achievement works? I am on the fence about the penalty to loyalty and VP, but I may do it. “Hoping” that 8.0 fixes this is somewhat of a gamble, because if that update does not fix things, and I would have to leave the alliance to get it, I would be looking at an even bigger penalty and losses months from now.

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Decided to bite the bullet leave and rejoin. Cost me 375K VP, loyalty and rank, but I got the achievement. Not happy about it, but I don’t have to think about it anymore.


i didn’t get achievement either. Hopefully, when season 0 ends and season 1 starts, we get to start over and choose an alliance

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We’re going to be releasing a hotfix patch and I’ve asked if this additional check for if a player has already joined an Alliance can be squeezed into the hotfix.

Hotfixes have very fast turn around times so I can’t guarantee we can put it in there but we will see what we can do.

I do advise NOT to rejoin your alliance as you will lose loyalty and VP. and if you wait you will get the achievement, either via the hotfix or update 8.0.
It’s disappointing because it’s a wait but you won’t lose any in game progress by waiting.
Obviously totally up to you what you do though.


@Kafka I wish you had shared that this was possible before now. I quit/rejoined based on the statement that this cannot be fixed until 8.0 which is going to be several months in the future. I understand it was my decision to do so, but I had -what I believed- to be a good reason then. One that is not valid now. In all honesty I don’t really care about the VPs I lost. I care about the loyalty & rank though since it prevents me from using chat and affects rewards. It may be something that is simple not possible, but can someone restore at least those for me? Like bump my loyalty days up by 12?

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I quit and rejoined too, I was at 11 days loyalty. The VP hit dragged my below 800k but I’ll have that back in a few weeks. I figured sacrificing 11 days of the best daily rewards was worth getting the achievement sorted rather than waiting a few months. I might have waited if I’d know about the possibility of it being in a hotfix.

It took me almost a year to get certain achievements, like the hoard mimic one. I don’t mind waiting for the fix. When the season is over, probably at the end of the year, and when the next season starts, everything resets to 0. I will join an alliance on that day and lose nothing, 0 days and 0 vp

Season 1 starts next update, and the preview video mentioned only doing a partial reset of VP

Same Bug on PS5

received an achievement for joining an alliance on Steam. Thank you

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