[FIX INCOMING] Flash offer

Android 11 ,Xiaomi Mi10 Pro mobile
Latest updates on phone and game.

Purchase of flashoffer pet gnome bait and gems.

Gems received but no petgnome bait

Please give me my petgnome bait

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Our team are putting together a fix for this that should go out later today.

The next time a player affected by this goes through daily login they will receive Gnome Bait. However, we will be giving out double the amount of Gnome Bait that they would have received from purchases. So if you purchased 1, you’ll get 2, if you purchased 3 times, you’ll get 6. We will also be sending out a global mail to explain this.

Allthough…I got only one :frowning:

Den ons 19 maj 2021 09:12Angry Bird <freehappybird69@gmail.com> skrev:

Thank you Salty :slight_smile:
I got the pet gnome bait in game

Den ons 19 maj 2021 06:37The Saltiest Girl via Gems of War | Forums <gemsofwar@discoursemail.com> skrev: