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[FIX GOING OUT SOON] No pet bait!

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2 issues:

  • text is somehow placeholder
  • no bait in the inventory, played also 2 pvp and no pet gnome

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

I am not buying it again :wink:

Steps to make it happen again

Buy it!

@Kafka @Saltypatra I hope issue will be resolved as long as gnome event is running. I have no need of bait on Monday.

Pet bait is “auto-consumed” and doesn’t show up in inventory. It triggers a pet gnome that can’t run away on the next PvP battle you fight. I don’t know how purchasing additional pet baits work while your current one hasn’t been used though.

I had 0 baits and after purchase there is still 0. I don’t understand what exactly you mean under „additional“ bait…

Previously, Pet Bait could only be purchased from guild shop. You could only purchase one each week. Since it’s auto-consumed and triggers a pet gnome on your next PvP fight (and arena I think), it’s assumed that you’ll have used it before you’re able to purchase a 2nd one (which I would think would show up in your inventory).

However, with this Flash Offer, you can now purchase up to 3 Pet Baits, one of which will be auto-consumed (waiting for you to fight a PvP or arena battle) and 2 of which would show up in your inventory (assuming you haven’t actually done a PvP or arena battle while a pet rescue wasn’t running).

I had no Pet baits at all in inventory and have not purchases any from the guild shop. I bought today’s flash offer with the pet bait and I got the gems and No pet bait. When I went to inventory it said 0. I went immediately to PVP to fight a battle to be sure it did not auto trigger and Nothing. There was no current pet active. So…this is not auto consumed. The one time I did purchase a pet bait it also was not automatically triggered immediately at purchase…you had to click on it to use it. This is clearly a bug and I submitted a report also. I don’t know if this is happening because it is a gnome weekend but they need to make sure we get the gnome bait that we paid for.

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Anything new from support?

Our team are putting together a fix for this that should go out later today.

The next time a player affected by this goes through daily login they will receive Gnome Bait. However, we will be giving out double the amount of Gnome Bait that they would have received from purchases. So if you purchased 1, you’ll get 2, if you purchased 3 times, you’ll get 6. We will also be sending out a global mail to explain this.


Thanks, much appreciated for working on getting this fixed.

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Please understand me right, but why do people who bought bait on vault weekend will need baits after event is over?

We need water when we are thirsty and not when we are sinking.

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I’m curious: why would you need bait during Vault weekend but not now?
I can not imagine myself using it when gnomes are relatively easy to find; however, when event ends and gnome appearance rates drop back to normal, I can see the sense of taking advantage of the bait. If anything, bait value is higher outside of Vault event.


Internal guild competitions, more chances of vault key.

Outside of vault event bait has 0 value for a person like me with all pets maxed.

You could limit yourself to only PvP on a Wednesday while a rescue is already active until the next vault event :laughing: