[Not a Bug] No pet rescue on pet gnome

Platform, device version and operating system: Android

Screenshot or image: Did not get one.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Was playing PVP as usual. Had a pet gnome appear, killed said gnome and won the battle. When I got to the rewards screen, I received the standard 2 white food but the pet rescue screen never popped up indicating that I triggered a rescue. I double-checked that there was no rescue currently active and there was not. I also double-checked that the players defense team didn’t have a pet gnome in it, just to be sure. So basically, I killed a pet gnome and the game didn’t give me a pet a rescue as it should have.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Happened while I was playing today (Oct. 22, 2021) at approximately 11:08 pm PST, I won the battle against the user “SpazCandy” - I have only seen this happen once so far.

Steps to make it happen again
Kill pet gnomes when they appear in PVP.

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It won’t trigger if within an hour of daily reset where a pet rescue day is upcoming.


Yep, this looks to be 52 minutes before daily reset with full day pet rescue scheduled, @Maczenith is correct.
Unfortunately, this piece if information still is nowhere to be found in official pet rescue help article, so no way for you to know that unless somebody with more experience tells you.


They just need to drop pet gnome bait when a rescue isn’t triggerable.
Feels awful to miss one out like this.
25 hours twice a week where getting a pet gnome gives 1-2 white food. Puts me off playing PvP completely on these days.


Thanks for the heads up to all who responded - another stupid bug that is completely avoidable.

@Dev’s - am I going to be compensated for this? A pet gnome lure would be nice.

And why isn’t this game flaw fixed yet? Simple solution - if you hit a pet rescue while a pet rescue is active it should convert to pet gnome lures. It’s as simple as that! Feel free to disable it during GaP to avoid over-farming over pet lures, but otherwise this should always be active so that don’t get screwed out of the very hard-to-get pet rescues in PVP.

Hey there,

As these Pet Rescues run for 1 hour, but if they’re triggered less than 1 hour before a scheduled 24 hour Pet Rescue, then there’s no time for them to run.

As this isn’t a bug and has always worked this way we’re unable to provide compensation in this case. This is also the reason Pet Gnomes don’t only trigger Pet Rescues but also drop Pet Food as a Reward as well.

Pet Rescue events and Pet Gnomes were released before we added Pet Gnome Bait into the game, so I will pass this suggestion to award Pet Gnome Bait in these cases to the team for consideration, thanks for sharing the idea!

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


Hi @OminousGMan I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

A few things I would like to address in your response:

  1. The 24-hour pet rescues on a Saturday is a new feature, and is not consistently applied (eg. two Satruday’s ago there was no Saturday pet rescue, iirc). You imply that I should have been aware of the fact that the pet rescue should not have been triggered because I was within 1 hour of a 24-hour pet rescue coming, but the only way i could have known that the pet rescue was coming was to verify this through outside information (eg. Taran’s World). Is that really a fair expectation of your players?
  2. The 25-hour pet rescue rule is not published anywhere on your site. In fact, the published resources clearly state “Pet Gnomes are troops which enter your Ranked and Casual PVP battles on the opponent’s side randomly, if you defeat one and win the battle, you will receive pet food as a reward and a pet rescue event will start for your entire guild!”
    There is no mention anywhere about the fact that a pet rescue event will not trigger if a pet rescue event is already active or WILL BE ACTIVE WITHIN THE NEXT 1 HOUR.
    The expectations that your team has as developers are different from what you are communicating.
  3. Considering the frequency of pet rescues in PVP (by my count, roughly every 200 battles) for you to imply that 2 white pet food is fair compensation for not receiving a pet is a slap in the face.

Frankly GMan, this is a response I would expect to see out of a group of developer’s that don’t really care about the player experience. Whether or not this is “working as intended” this is a flaw in the game that is negatively impacting the player experience. If you actually want to appeal to your player base you should try coming up with responses like “I thnk that’s a great idea and can improve player enjoyment!” Rather than “Actually you’re incorrect and this is working fine.”

I dislike all day pet rescues. It makes PvP completely useless. I and others have complained before. It really should just drop pet bait.

That said, just a FYI…

You can verify this in game. On a not Wednesday, look at the Games menu. The Pet Rescue tab will say when the next one is.


The feature itself may not be a bug, but there’s been a reasonable quantity of people providing feedback that this wasn’t something they expected to happen, for whatever reason, and that it left them disappointed.

Aside from broader debates on Pet Rescues, to me it seems the ‘bug’ or issue is a lack of advertised info for a slightly unintuitive gaming experience.

  • I.e., I think most people understand, “okay, you can’t trigger a Pet Rescue while another one’s running”, even if it annoys them

  • I think this just needs to be extended as was clarified here – “…or within an hour of a scheduled Pet Event, as the triggered Pet Rescue wouldn’t have time to finish”.

Consider adding some of this to the Game Guide!

As another option, and this might be controversial (maybe you could run a poll!!!), but you could perhaps send a pop-up in-game 1 hour before a scheduled Pet Event starts, or when a player logs in within that time, to let players know that any Pet Gnomes they defeat won’t start a Pet Rescue.

Managing (shared?) expectations is :ok_hand: mm. See the feedback re: The Devil/Soul Harvest for more of that :sweat_smile: