Fix for your navigation pane

here’s the fix for the navigation issue:

add to stylesheet (.css) the following:

#ember5 {
position: relative;
margin: auto;
z-index: 1000;
width: 100%;
#ember5.fixed {
position: fixed;

In the bootstrap.js (or anywhere your BB takes the scripts from) add:

//fixed navbar script//
var navwin = $(window);
fxel = $(‘#ember5’);
eloffset = fxel.offset().top;

navwin.scroll(function() {
if (eloffset < navwin.scrollTop()) {
} else {
//fixed navbar script end//

After that the initial topic page will look like:

but after scrolling the content down the navbar will remain “sticky”:

So at least user could navigate to the content of the forum and see their notifications without a need to scroll to the very top of a longread.

P.S. I will be creating the topic for a fix every day until you fix it.

You mean this navigation pane?

Looks fine to me.

No, I mean THIS navigation pane.

Exacly… it was left above.

Don’t try to outsmart anyone - and if you try doing so - just specify the theme that you are using. It is obvious from the cropped screenshot that you are using OLD theme.

Nice try though.

Not sure what I expected from someone threatening to spam the forum unless their demands were met instantaneously by the developers. I’m just gonna go, enjoy whatever it is you’re doing.

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Sometimes fear is the appropriate response indeed. You were nailed by using the different theme to cover up the flaw in the current design, and all you replied is “nah! I gotta go”.

Moreover, the solution has already been provided to the issue, so please don’t litter this topic.