Forum never opens a thread to the Last Read post

As topic says. I usually read the forum via Opera, but I also tested this on Edge.
Any thread I open that I’ve read before always either jumps to some random post way past the Last Read post, or most of the time just jumps to the end past the last post in the thread.

This makes reading the threads in proper order hard & annoying, I have to scroll up every single time.
I know some people in the past have suggested using the older UI on the forum to “fix” this problem, but considering this is happening (and has been going on for a long time) on the current UI, it is a problem that should be fixed (already, dammit).


So I got annoyed with the forum never ever jumping to the correct post when trying to read threads, and I went over to the preferences>interface page and set it to using the older 2018 UI theme, and… the first thing I actually noticed when I visited the main community page was that it actually scrolls faster than the 2019.1 UI theme!

So not only is the newer UI never jumping to the correct place in threads for me, but it is also noticeably slower in viewing/scrolling :frowning:

Please devs, see if you can fix this. It’s a bit sad that the newer default theme is not functioning correctly.
@Jeto @Kafka

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I had the same problem and I didn’t know we could use the old theme. Confimed the old theme is working not only correctly but also much snappier

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