Finley behind the desk - The Stone Merchant

Not a new idea or anything - Just would loved to see Finley behind the desk, were he makes us able to change stones that we have and buy stones with Seals.

The trades is of course expensive, because some stones is more valuable than others:

10 minor gives 1 minor of one sort. (20 seals for a minor stone)

6 major gives 1 major of one sort. (30 seals for a major stone)

4 runic gives 1 runic of one sort. (90 seals for a Runic stone)

3 sole colors arcanes gives 1 sole color arcane. (300 seals for a Sole color Arcane)
4 sole colors arcanes gives 1 celestial stone. (400 seals for a Celestial)

3 double colors arcanes gives 1 double color arcane + 5 Runic. (350 seals for a Double color Arcane)
3 double color arcanes gives 1 celestial stone. (400 seals for a Celestial)

My math might be off centered, but at least I tried. :smiley:

Any opinions/suggestions to this?

Cheers :wink:


I would love to see something like this as well!
And Finley is a great suggestion for the character to be in charge!

You mentioned buying with Guild Seals… Have any sample numbers for that? Mostly curious.

My only suggestion would be not to restrict the Arcanes based on colors, any 3 arcanes get you an arcane of your choice.

I would also like to see this in reverse as well.

Maybe in Khaziel- Stone Breaker
1 Celestial= 2 Arcanes of your choice
1 Arcane= 4 Runics, 2 of each color
1 Runic= 4 majors of any color
1 Major= 4 minors of any color

Or something like this…

Stone crafting is the next BIG element missing from GoW in my opinion.


Added some seal into my list as well. :wink:

Why is finely not the mascot for the damn shop in general!


Yes to Finley (and other characters) making more appearances in menus / screens… The story epics are our retinue after all (we seem to be dragging around an inordinate number of them by now)…

No to any simple trade facility to swap or upgrade stones. Game economy is complex and not to be tinkered with lightly. Plus any trade or alchemy facility to make stones should (I think) be done with a mini-game that involves playing…


Here you go:


Can I have some more seals, please! :sweat_smile:

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Let’s not start that again…