Fiara’s Family is Searching for Family Members 😘 Flame (30/30), Faith (28/30), Fury (30/30), Fervor (29/30)

I’m looking for a much more active and frankly better guild than the one I’m currently in. I am capable of meeting all reasonable task requirements and I play everyday. I also enjoy engaging in discussions about gameplay through discord. not necessarily through voice. But I do enjoy discussing team strats and the guild events etc. The guild I’m in currently just doesnt do much as a team, and I’m looking for a team.

Hi @takotakotakoyaki and @arfienel!
I both sent you a message so please have a read and hope to hear from you soon :grin:

We have 1 spot in Faith :pray: and 1 spot in Fervor :blue_heart:
Join our family today!

Hi, lv1077 looking for home filled with active contributors. I play regularly and take part in all events. Been living in a very casual guild for 6 months. Looking for something with more similar gamers.
400-500k, 1500s, 200t is what I would be best suited for.

Invite code: CHILLZ

We have 1 spot each in Flame :fire: and Faith :pray:
Join the family and share the fun :kissing_heart:

We are currently full but we’re always on the search for talents.
If you wish to join our waiting list please inquire within with your guild preference :kissing_heart:

We have 1 spot in our mother guild Flame :fire:
If you are a high performer that likes events and want to play at your own pace this is the guild!

We have a spot in Faith :pray: and Fervor :blue_heart: each.
If you are passionate for high bracket guild wars or just want a casual yet performing guild, inquire today :smiley:

Hi Fiara,

I just started playing recently, and have been looking for an active guild. I am lvl 515, and have upgraded most kingdoms to 10. I can easily do 1500 seals every week, and 300K gold. If you still have a slot open on Fervor, I hope I can join you.

Invite sent Ezren!
Welcome to our family :wink:

We have 1 spot in Fervor :blue_heart: and also calling out to ambitious people who can take Faith above and beyond bracket 2 :kissing_heart: