Fiara's Fervor 30/30 low requirements high rewards :-)

Fiara’s Fervor is in search of mid level players looking to join a relaxed setting with low requirements. our guild is open to accept all invites at this time…

Requirments are 200k gold 900 seals and ALL events required to stay in guild tho winning is not a requirement playing each event is :slight_smile:

with that being said i hope you come check us out and join the fun also are top level players complete all reg. tasks and some epics, and 40k seal usually by mid week also w.e. compleated 95% of the time hope to see you in game just say alpha sent you and will get you up to speed :slight_smile:

We are also a sister guild with 3 other guilds in the family

Here is a link to our discord ------>Fiara's Family

I’m interested

Any openings?