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New Guild Recruiting Semi-casual Players

This is a family guild which was found 2 months ago and we have come to terms that just 2 people alone can only drive the guild so far.

Guild Name: Fiara’s Flame
Rank: Approx #5600
Guild Statues: Approx Level 17 (Equal Contribution)
Guild Seals: 3000 / week
Guild Wars: None at Current

Guild master alone currently contributes around 1mil gold a week with 400-500 trophies so hope this provides how dedicated we are to drive things forward.

We’re seeking semi-casual players who believe in potential and want to be part of a growing guild.

All we ask is to stay active and contribute where you can but still put real life at the core of play.

We also have a 2 and a half year old baby and an expected so we always understand about “unforeseen circumstances” of life! :joy:


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I wish you the best on your journey! I joined my current guild only 4 days after it was created. I’ve been with that guild for 9 months now. It has been awesome to watch the guild grow and become what it has. It’s also awesome to keep playing alongside some of the people that joined when I did.

For any new or semi-casual players looking for a home, I highly recommend getting with a guild like this if you are looking for a new “home”.

Thank you so much Zippity for your kind and encouraging words.
It’s a shame we haven’t started earlier and crossed paths!
We have noticed your guild (only new to register in the forums but been following) and have to say that’s impressive for a guild of 9 months!
I personally have come across some of your guild members even on PvP (sorry had to beat them :joy:)
Fingers crossed we can get some good players in the team.
Again we really appreciate your comment.

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Still in hopes we can find some people here.
We have grown a little since I first posted this but could use all the help we can get :disappointed_relieved:

New players and retired veterans or even people who want to be part of the original contributors are welcome!