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Fiara's Flame (All tasks + LT's, 40k seals) looking for family members (30/30)



Fiara’s Flame is a casual guild with fun and dedicated members.

We have a friendly environment with an active guild chat (discord preferable) and we believe in gaming as fun than grinding as a chore.

If you would like to join a laid back bunch that puts real life at the core of gaming don’t hesitate and knock on the door :blush:

1000 seals
All Kingdoms Levelled
Guild Wars

Weekly Achievements
Tasks: All Tasks + LT
Seals: 40,000
Guild War: Bracket 159
Raid Boss & Invasion: Level 8 - 10

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We currently have 2 open positions and we hit 38500 seals in the previous week with 28 members.

Come join us today and hit the 40k seals together this week :blush:

We’re still searching for 2 dedicated members to join us!

We always encourage not enforce and everyone helps voluntarily to drive the guild.

We have a very active guild chat and are family orientated so why not give us a go?

hey I’d like to join, new player but can hit 1500 seals a week

Hi chonkyo,

Thanks so much for the interest.
We are currently full at the moment but if there is an opening tomorrow i’ll certainly let you know :blush:

Hi chonkyo,

One of our members have left today due to personal circumstances so the opening is available.
Are you still interested in joining?
We hit 40k seals this week :blush:

We have 1 spot open!
Come join us today and share the fun :smiley:

We have one new opening today!
Join our friendly laid back bunch and work together to reap the rewards :smile:

One new spot available!
Looking forward to hear from you :smile:

We have 2 spots open!
Join us today for some serious fun :joy:

Is there a spot open? I can make 1500 seals a week. I am looking for 40,000 seal guild. I’m level 287 with a handful of legendary troops and no mythics!

Invite Code (iOS): ENERIS_AIP6

Hi Eneris,

We had one spot open up today.
Before i send an invite i have to be honest with you, that with the introduction of the new game modes raid / invasion we are only hitting 40k seals on guild war weeks.

If you’re happy to save the seals and use them every 3 weeks i can gladly send an invite.

At least last week, 3 members got mythics from the guild chests. :blush:

Got 2 openings?

Sorry gohan we are currently full…

We have one rare opening and looking for a fun but committed member :blush:

Join us today before reset!

Unfortunately we had a father and son leave to take a break so we have 2 open spots.

Give us a hit today!

Hi I’d like to join the guild
I’m new player but i can hit 1200+ seals a weak

if still opening, invite me plz

Invie code: A10SAGI_XXEY

We have one new opening as a member has decided to give up playing :sob:

Looking for a friendly person to join our team

We have one position open for a very active and chatty person :smile:

Drop me a message if interested!

I’m interested in an Opening. My Invite Code is FLUFFYMONK.