Fiara’s Family is Searching for Family Members 😘 Flame (30/30), Faith (29/30), Fury (29/30), Fervor (30/30)


Is Fervor currently recruiting?

Hi Huncwot,

Thanks for your interest.
I have sent you a PM so please have a read and let me know of your thoughts :grin:

We currently have 2 spots in Flame :fire:
If you are a self achiever without the need of high requests this guild is for you!
Join us for TOD week and hit the leaderboards.

Hi, I’m looking for a guild. Recently passed lvl 1000 and play actively.

We have one spot open for Fervor :blue_heart: as a long term member has retired.
Inquire today!

We have 1 spot in each in Flame :fire:, Fury :muscle: and Fervor :blue_heart:.
Come join our family today for the fun :grin:

Hi im looking for a new guild. Im one of 3 people that only contribute in the guild and it sucks. Im level 875, earn 1500 seals every week, i play every event, highest pvp was lvl 27 and input 500,000 - 1,000,000+ gold per week to the guild. If theres any room message me on xbox aswell as i dont drop in here that often. My gamertag is tattoolust so if theres a strong guild looking for a strong recruit hit me up

Hey @Tattoolust,

we are recruiting on PC/Mobile. If you are a xbox-player, then we can’t really help you out (and yes, sections are confusing sometimes) :smiley:

We have 1 spot in Fury :muscle:
Come and join us today for the some low rank guild war fun next week :heart_eyes:

We have 1 spot in Faith :pray:
Knock on the door, we won’t bite :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello! My family and friends (4 people in total) are looking to join a new home to hangout and chat with folks and make new friends. We have a very good idea if the game and have been playing a little over a year now. We’re not to kine on requirements, we play the game when we have the time and for fun. Was wondering if you would have any room for us four :slight_smile:

Hi Soro,
We don’t have 4 immediate spots unfortunately and if we did that’s a sign of a struggling guild or a new guild :blush:
We can drip feed your family and friends one by one as spots become available however i am a little concerned about “not being so keen on requests”
We may be a group of casual guilds but all guilds are high performing and each guild has different requests.
We are very lenient with real life but anyone who joins has to abide by them.

I’m not understanding. We take life over video game all the time. We have 3 kids, one which is a new born. Doing requirements are very touch for us but we still manage to do everything in the game. If you are too keen on our request, that okay and I respect it. Thank you for the response.

So do we all and i have a 1 year old myself.
We appreciate everyone has a real life but that doesn’t mean you can disregard the requests and suggest you’re not committed.
I think for your best you might want to join a more casual guild that has little or no request.

We have 1 spot in Faith :pray: and Fervor :blue_heart:
Come and join the fun today!

I was just looking for a guild with a good social environment and this seems to be it. I can reach all requirements weekly, even though I am still upgrading kingdoms. If you have any spots available my invite code is EXCALIBUS

Hello, I am looking for a guild. Looks like you have a spots open on Faith and Fervor. I am still learning to play the game so I am interested in joining Fervor, or Flame if a spot opens up

Just so you guys know i have sent you each a direct message.

We have 1 spot in Faith :pray:
Come and join us for fun and gems!

Hello. I need active guild.
I can 1 million gold, 1500 seals, all guild events, GW 45000 points.