Faction troops in my PVP Battles

IPad iOS 12,1 Playing on version 4.2 of gems.

I just played a solid 20 matches of ranked pvp, where all the opponents were the starter battle troops from the Primal Rift.

Regardless of which of the three opponents I picked every battle was the deck from the current faction event. I moved from tier 14 to 4 without leaving the pvp menu in every battle this was the case. When I hit tier four I went into the highest ranked opponent and all the sudden there troops were normal.

The images for opponents troops were normal in the selection screen.
The images for the listing screen varied with the Primal Rift characters and the opponents opponents actual troop.

The ascension and Stat levels varied per battle.
The rewards from the battle were normal for which opponent I picked.

Before I had started playing pvp I had completed Two floors of the current faction event. The level thirty floor and forty floor. I did not lose troops in the battle and was out of sigils to continue. I collected my reward and began playing pvp the bug began. After reaching tier four I had not entered any other menu besides battling when it returned to normal. Once leaving the pvp menu everything was still good as well as restarting the game.

Hi @SHAHMEN808 Thank you for your report :slight_smile:

This seems very unsual, I have a few questions:

  1. Do you have any screenshots of this?
  2. How long had the game been open for beforehand?
  3. Was it open: over daily reset (7 am GMT), when the Faction event first started or since you updated the game to the latest version?
  4. You mentioned you played the Faction Event before PVP. When leaving Faction to the World Map and going to PVP, did the big spinning wheel appear in the middle of the screen, did you see any chat messages or did the game otherwise appear to have connected to the internet?
  5. Do you remember any opponent or Guild names (you can PM this to me if you wish) so I can check this in the server logs?

I apologize I did not take screenshots.

Before I began playing PvP I had been using the device for about an hour to only play the game.

I’d had my device and the game open the previous evening during the faction event and to update, had the game closed and the device off until nine the next day and went to gems as I turned the device on. By on I mean pressing the unlock button, The device wasn’t technically off.

I started playing normally, collected kingdom income, rolled chests, upgraded troops, collected pvp reward. Then went to faction event played two floors levels 30 and 40 . Collected those rewards. Went straight into pvp. The only difference was in loading screens I did not see any abnormal hud placements. The loading screen would sometimes display the troops that should be loading for an opponent, and then sometimes display the Primal Rift characters. The battles all had the troops from the first floor in that’s in the faction event. I really just kept playing pvp until it suddenly had reverted to normal. It began on the first battle I started when I went into Ranked PvP. It was making no difference which of the three opponents I went battle with it continued to happen. I did not switch menus once until it randomly went back to normal, i didn’t look at rank, didn’t go into casual just kept battling because I apparently had noticed the bug. I was on a Wirless 5g home network did not have any apparent connection issues.

I also apologize I do not know any opponent or guild names but it was between 8:30 am and 10:00 am Mountain Standard Time December 11th.