Facing 4 mist stalkers with stealth causes a hanged game

I’ve faced off versus this team of Mist Stalkers with stealth traits twice. Both times I’ve got a direct attack loaded first time it was my boar rider. Click attack, then all 4 stalkers go stealth and then the game stops. Had to turn off PS4, play again later, dunno if I got a loss, probably right. Anyway I see the team again and this time my Raven loaded up, so I try to attack and all the stalkers go stealth and the game hangs again.

It’s not a crash and animation on my card is still running, the turn arrow is bouncing above indicating their turn. Closing app and playing again. If this has been posted before sorry, I only searched mist. Good day.

This is a known bug, if you target a troop with stealth it will freeze the game, AoE attacks are not affected though, I use Khorvash and Crimson Bat to wipe them out in no time. Unfortunately some people are using this Miststalker x4 team on PS4. disclaimer - not a call out or judgement lol

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Not the first time people complain about this. But sure it s annoying. I recommend you to adapt before dev fix that. For example, if you have, you can use : gorgotha marelith psion and emperina. Quit easy to crush them with this team.
Have fun

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ATK Buff and skull-spam teams will make short work of them (as long as you don’t use Bone Dragon).

Good grief. Think of a 4x Mist Stalker team with the current console bug like a few rattlesnakes. As long as you stay in your car and run over them you’ll be fine.

True Damage, Skulls, etc. (don’t get out of the vehicle and try and pick one up)


Thanks for the report, it’s a known issue we are addressing in the next update. :slight_smile:

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So… you would happen to have a release date for the next update?

P.S. my previous advise still applies to RL: don’t pick up rattlesnakes :smiley:


You have to keep in mind, that for every person clever enough to find an exploit on a game like this, there is someone else clever enough to find a counter. That is why there are so many different troops.
It is ONLY when no valid counter can be made through given troops that the devs will nerf something. So a solution has been presented within present troops.
Just because some other posters don’t like losing with their A team they use all the time doesn’t mean a switch to a B team might resolve the problem instead of crying that the devs soften every troop until every player can win every game they play.

My comments were designed to convey:

  1. An analogy (pick up = use a select ability)
  2. A joke wrapped in a life lesson

Perhaps after a few beers I’m too enigmatic for my own good concerning bugs.

The aforementioned issue (a targeted spell against 4x Stealthy troops freezing the game and resulting in a loss) is clearly a bug. It has nothing to do with whether or not a workaround technically exists, the behavior is impossible to predict and is resulting in unfair defense wins. The devs aren’t fixing it immediately because that’s just not how the console release pipeline operates. Everything takes approval time by Sony and Microsoft.

I can confirm that we’re aiming for Soon™.


Soon like couple days? Weeks? Month? :slight_smile:

And the AI customization will be in this update or next one?

Thanks for all the tips on how to beat those mist stalkers, I used a rockworm and deep borer to beat them. I’m seeing more players use 4 mist stalkers now on PS4 trending. Any 4 stealths will cause the hang up though huh, once that catches maybe we’ll see 4 unique troop teams with stealth. I might do that…anyway sorry I brought it up when it was on the known issues which I forgot was there when I searched. Cheers.

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The irony is delicious. cough

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I apologize if anyone took this as a direct reply, it was meant in general feedback.

Bug or glitch or what have you, it does still stand that it is one that is avoidable simply by scouting and picking an appropriate offense to counter. So it is NOT impossible to predict and not unfair because a valid counter exists, on top of the fact that you were aware of what can happen if you try to cast a targeted spell against said team. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!”.
Hey, quick tip, DON’T USE A TARGETED SPELL troop when fighting a Def team with said traits. The DEF troop and trait is functioning the way it should. Pick a different team to use against them. It is THAT easy.
A basic skull spam team (minus Bone Dragon) resolves this fairly easy, as well as half a dozen other Explode to buff/fill Mana or AoE teams. I have not only beaten many teams this way, but also I made my own def team of three separate troops having that same Stealth trait (making my front troop a low level patsy as bait) to see what happens, and I had ZERO Def wins in almost a 5 day week. I guess this glitch just wasn’t in my favor? Or did the scouting offense actually use strategy instead of just pressing X to win?

What’s next? The more skulls on screen the less damage it does to your troop?
Here’s your trophy.

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Tl;dr: If you don’t have precognition, it’s your fault for falling into a software bug.

I’m sorry, but no. The trait for Stealthy reads:

Cannot be targeted by spells (unless there are no other targets).

There are no other targets if everything is Stealthy; therefore it stands to logical reason that all Stealthy troops are now targetable. Don’t try to pin the blame on the user for it.

Regardless, if the game were supposed to operate the way you seem to suggest, at most there would be a “No valid targets” message like you get when you attempt to use Soothsayer without Purple gems on the board, and lose the turn – not the match because the game freezes.

All of this sounds like weak justification for your part in exploiting a bug to cause other players grief.


I have not used it to exploit anything. As I said, I picked the team as an experiment because of reading about it in the forums. I repeat, I had ZERO WINS from these Def team.

However I can see your point about the game crashing instead of allowing the player the option to continue the battle without a direct target spell.