Cauldron weapon not working (PS4)

It says that you double an allys attack and gain 5life. But it only give you the life and not the attack. Ps4

Was your troop entangled at the time?

Entangle will reduce a troop’s attack to 0, which means that using the cauldron on an entangled troop will give it 0 attack.

According to what I’ve heard about the consoles releases, my guess would be no on the entangled.

It’s pretty common for weapons on the PS4/XB1 to have issues performing their full intended effects. It’s also well known by @505GamesSupport at this point. So I can only presume they’re working on it.

I recommend waiting until the next big patch update (1.0.8) and then testing the Cauldron to see if it works then.

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No I was not entangled the card just wasn’t working properly.

Yeah there are numerous weapons on ps4/xobx that don’t work properly or have incorrect text. Cursed blade does nothing at all, cauldron only gives life, xanetheros amulet(or something similar) says it steals 2 of a stat but seals 3(which is correct). I forgot the name of it, but there’s a weapon that attacks the last 2 enemies and does double damage if it’s a dragon. That weapon works correctly, but the text says it only does 1 damage no matter what. I’m sure I’ve forgot others as well.

Also the spider swarms text lists the wrong damage, though it works properly. It’s not a weapon, but I thought I’d mention it. This is more for the OP’s knowledge than anything else, as I know that 505games are the ones handling our support issues.

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Yep those are the same issues I’m having.