Extra PvP Rewards (if you hadn't noticed)!


You may have noticed a few things when you received the weekly PvP Rewards this week.
It was a footnote in the 1.0.7 update notes, so you might have missed it.

  1. You didn’t just get 2 Glory this time for a new week! You will have gotten Glory today based on your rank from last week!

  2. The weekly rewards increased significantly, from just Souls to Souls, Gold, LOTS of Glory & Extra Keys. You can see the list of rewards in the PvP menu if you tap/click the trophy button down in the bottom left!

Next week the Glory costs will be going up a bit to match these changes, but our intention here was to make sure that players are rewarded for reaching rank 1, even they can’t smash their way through to it as quickly as possible!


Yes, and that is awesome! :grin:


Oops - I was having so much fun chatting on the forums, I forgot to turn the Gold Event off! I hope everybody enjoyed the extra 15 minutes of bonus Gold - lol


That’s a nice change, thanks for this. I rarely have the time to grind my way to rank 1 until the end of the week, so it’s cool that the weekly reset reward gets bigger. =)


Great change thanks a ton!


I thought I noticed something.

TYVM for the no more 2 Glory, that thing was messing with my mind.


I have noticed and I like it :smile:

And from what I read lately it looks like another step towards a system where glory is actually useful :wink:


Finally :slight_smile:

I hope the cheese does not stand alone and the other requests get the dev resources too.

In a patch that increase leveling cost I absolutely expect a single button way to up a troop. Or a more versatile +5 levels button to accompany the +1, I can live with 3 clicks instead of 15.


I clicked through it too fast to see properly. Thanks for spelling it out here :slight_smile:


A max levelling button is in 1.0.8. I have seen it and the graphic of souls pouring down is pretty cool too. :smile:

Re the original post, I did notice the new rewards this morning and I too am thankful for them, especially the Glory reward not resetting.