2 glory for 1 rank every Monday


Hi guys!
2 glory for 1 rank every Monday - it’s not right way!
You just have to change the algorithm slightly. At first please distribute awards (glory) for the last day (Sunday), and only then do the reset. At the moment you’re doing the opposite. It’s so easy guys! :smiley:
I mean the glory, not a trophies. Sorry! I’m getting old. :frowning:


I must admit that this is basically the only thing that I don’t like about this game.
In ideal way when someone is active there should be an option to keep fuul glory income every day.
I know that few glory points is not a big loss in one day but it is really discouraging when you know that you receive few glory points on Monday no mater how active or skilled you are.


We’ll have that fixed in the next update (still a little way off, sorry, but just thought I’d let you know).

I was actually testing this today (along with a few other changes to weekly PvP resets) and it will be working exactly the way you’d expect.


Good news Sirrian. thx


Nice! Thank you Sirrian!


This is excellent news, and I’m glad someone brought this up.

I too was wondering about this, but assumed it was just the way things were.

Cheers Starjazer! Ty for the good news, Sirrian!