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PSA: Daily glory uses current (not peak) tier

Thanks to unsuccessful defends over the course of the day, my PVP score went below 1900. When I checked my daily rewards, I only got 15 glory rather than the 16 I normally do.

So, everyone: build a buffer between you and 1900 points, or else you’ll miss out on some glory.

Yup, this happened to me on the second day of the event x)

Wich leads to a feature request : be warned when you drop out to a lower tier.
@Sirrian, would that be easily feasible?

Simplest solution: Make it so point losses don’t start until you are over 1900 and can’t drop you below 1900.

That way people that are working their way up to tier 1 don’t have to worry about sliding back when not on, but people competing for top 1000 have to factor in defense.


I’m kind of a stuborn guy that don’t often let go of his idea, but that solution of yours does sound better for most people :slight_smile: