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Explosion Cancel Timer

OK so in world events clearly an explosion at the beginning of the match is meant to be helpful to the player, hence why you have to purchase Tier II to gain this perk. What I find infuriating is when the gems drop into the board at the start of the match, I immediately spot some 4 gem matches, but then the board explodes leaving only 3 gem matches. Remember the explosion is meant to benefit the player, but this ‘perk’ has now hindered me.

How about some kind of ‘Explosion Cancel Timer’ at the beginning of the match? From when the gems drop into the board at the start of the match to the actual explosion there is about 3 seconds, and even in such a short period you can process ‘ooh look there is a 4 match’ and select to cancel the explosion.

I know the explosion mechanic is a gamble in general, and sometimes it doesn’t bear fruit. This I can stomach when playing a normal match and exploding Leprechaun, but when I have handed over hard earned gems to purchase this ‘perk’, and then get dealt a royal flush, it is extremely annoying for the dealer to say ‘sorry, bum deal, now you’ve got 2 and 7 off suit’.

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It’s not like I didn’t experience these exact feelings, but here’s something that may help while the devs and the community evaluate your proposal: I conditioned me to see things this way, just consider the whole ‘explosion potion’ as some random free starting mana that comes with a new starting board, and pretend the original one didn’t even exist. Closing your eyes at the beginning of a match may help.


That is pretty much how I was trying to justify it to myself, but found myself counter arguing that maybe I could have got more mana by using the 4 match and going on from there. I guess I will never know………

Instead of a timer, the Potion of Explosion could be made available to click when I deem it fit.

But in my opinion, it is alright as it is. RNG is a part of the luck based game.

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