Enraged troop with Aflame trait should be able to burn Impervious troops

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
The enemy troop should be burned. Because it’s written that an enraged attack ignores traits.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Enrage the 1st troop which has Aflame trait and then match some skulls.

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Just before matching the skull (the 1st troop is Goblin Rocket):
Just after matching the skull: as one can see, the Golem is not bunred.

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I feel like this is intended. Enrage only ignore traits for damage calculation, not temporary stunned them.


What is occurring is intended.

It is impossible to ever get a status effect onto an impervious troop.

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What @TimeKnight said. The ignore is a split second thing while dealing damage. To allow freeze, burning, poison to affect the defender would in affect be turning off the impervious trait permanently like a stun, not temporarily just during damage resolution.

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If the Aflame trait is applied during this split second the enemy could be burned…
Fireproof also protects in this situation (just so we don’t focus too much on Impervious trait :slight_smile: )

Did devs already say their intention about that?

Even IF for that split second a status affect like burn were applied due to rage deactivating all protective traits (which it doesn’t), as soon as damage resolution were completed the status affects would fall off due to impervious or fireproof or whatever other protection the defender has being reactivated. You would never see the defender actually take any damage from those status affects because they don’t activate damage until the start of defender’s turn and the protections would reactivate and wipe the status affects before defender gets that turn.

I think this is a case of misinterpretation. Enrage should point out that only Damage Reducing traits are ignored, nothing else.

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Does it really need to say only the attack portion is effected?
Should this say unless 4 or 5 skulls are matched?

I don’t see the problem: if your attack burns the enemy and the traits are ignored during your attack, it could mean that no immunity can be applied.

Enrage is not a super OP status effect and giving the possibility to apply status effect on immuned troops will not make it OP.

I always thought that these protective traits were working for the application of the status effect only. So if a troop with Fireproof is stunned and then burned asap the stun is removed, the burn is also removed…

That’s explain why it’s not working with Enrage…

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Enrage only ignores traits like armored not impervious the Aflame doesn’t ignore traits either

@turintuor is exactly right, the text does imply all traits should be bypassed, even invulnerability.
But it probably is working as intended, but rage would certainly be even more useful and fun if it did work that way.