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Encourage Social Distanzing

Nothing done for helping stay home from the team…
Tacet had the great idea making another 5x gnomes appear weekend to help with the situation!
Would you like that??

  • Yes
  • No

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They were ignorant…poll closed. thanks for participate

Somehow I don’t think whether or not you decide to stay home is their responsibility.


Isn’t worthy of a flag.
So I suggest instead of what the OP’s idea that everyone with the ability to flag reads up on the community guidelines this weekend… alone.

GoW is also a mobile game so trying to leverage more “free rewards” with the justification of social distancing… Is basically like a bum on the street saying “Your cash could be infected. Better give it to me to put yourself at less risk of infection.”

Patiently waits for his undeserved flag as well.


The sheer greed and opportunism displayed by the OP is more deserving of a flag than my original post, which as you can tell has been restored by staff. I find his attitude much more offensive, which is why I called him on it.

And as for you busy little forum flag trolls - missed me again. You must have been stormtroopers in a former life.


First off it isn’t a mobile game only because it’s on mobile. His first release was on pc.
Secondly it wasn’t my idea as you can read. Tacet came up with the idea and I like it as well. How rude it is shooting that much against Tacet. There were a lot other games who made stuff to help people playing more and make it easier to stay home. At some parts of the world it’s forbidden to leave the houses and they forced to stay home. Others are encouraged to do that. And something like that would help. I saw also another post about the same kind of thing. Giving higher drop chanches for medals during the time…

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Indicated by the word “also”

It was your idea to make a thread about his idea.

How many of those games are free to play in the first place? And how many of those games can afford to give away even more free stuff? Father Sirrian doesn’t give me access to his books. But I can’t imagine they are swimming in profit right now.

I didn’t read the thread. But imo, the drop rates for legendary and mythic tokens are too low in the first place. So they should be raised no matter the reason nor the world events surrounding it.
Personally, I got a different thread (can’t remember the title of it) about asking/suggesting more free stuff. So I’m not picking on you.
I just don’t think anyone (besides those who are exposed right now just for doing their job) should profit in anyway from the virus.

TL:DR - The only reason an individual should have to social distance themselves from others. Is to keep themself and others healthy and alive. If anyone needs a corporation or government to convince you to stay home…Well any words of advice for you individuals will be definitely be flagged so I’ll just leave it at that.

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Is it just me, or does the original post make no sense?

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It makes perfect sense. He said nothing has been done to “help” people who are staying at home, and by that he means there has been no extra reward for people who are able to play Gems of War more because they are at home (instead of work).

This has been discussed to death though already.

Instead of extra rewards simply having BETTER events would be interesting. But GoW unlike other games with huge structures for cosmetic events, for example, can only offer more of the same: Kill this, use this troop, pray to RNG…

Some of us would like to have an opportunity to get some exclusive card cosmetic even if the event would be the same structure of fighting certain teams each time stronger than before.

Some of us could enjoy a short three days event rewarding at least a Badge of Nysha.

There are MANY things that can be done without flipping the game’s economy.

Why not an event to unlock the Soulforge recipe/blueprint for a new Mythic weapon like Dawnbringer? It doesn’t need to be an exclusive/one time event, maybe it could rotate back into game.

It’s just that GoW lacks variety with GOOD and FUN events right now. Just earning thousands of gems, while benefitial, wouldn’t necessarily be fun/new considering every game mode we have so far.

I am a sucker for clever bums.


Off topic but too good to good of story not to share.
So my apologies to the OP, since ideally they should be the ones who determine what’s off topic or not. :man_shrugging:

I was in Seattle maybe 7-8 years ago. And a bum had a fishing poll with a cup attached to the string while he’s texting on his Obama phone. He asked for some money. I politely informed him that I don’t carry cash. He then countered no worries man, I have a credit card reader that you can use!
By then I was able to continue walking without making it more awkward nor disrespect him as a human being by pretending he doesn’t exist.
And though I think Obama is in the top 5 for greatest presidents ever! I couldn’t help but think…
images (17)

I seriously did not expect to see “Obamaphone” on the Gems of War forums. I guess now I’m free to talk about the Trump Flu in any thread I want now.

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I think this would be awesome. You have all week to grind event points that can be traded in for cool, different and unique cosmetic options for cards. Boom. Love it. Maybe even each day you can get bonus event points for doing certain things or killing a certain type of enemy, etc. I know you’ve suggested something like this before, but I just really like it, and agree with that line of thinking of yours: