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"Eligible Troops" Question (Festival of the Sun)

So, are these “eligible troops” that you get from the event tiers, only troops from Bright Forest? Or, do you have the possibility of getting the faction/Sunken Fleet troops, as well?

I would like to know, because the answer to that question, will determine whether or not I bother buying tiers.


Sunken Fleet is from Bright Forest, you can use them.

Yes, but does that mean I will potentially get them as my “eligible troops”, if I buy tiers. That’s the question I’m trying to ask and have answered.

I wasn’t paying attention, but I’m 98% sure the answer is no, Sunken Fleet troops are not in shop tiers. That has always been the case with event shops in the past. Underworld troops are special and you need to spend chaos shards to get them.


Okay. Thanks, man. I wasn’t sure, so I thought I would ask.

Ah yeah. As mitamata said. Though the game’s all buggy and so on, I’d not be surprised if something slipped through. I wouldn’t plan for it though.