Drop Rates for Loot eggs please

Due to 5+ years of GoW experience, I seriously doubt each dragon is weighted the same.

Some transparency would be surely appreciated such as this:

However, in the current help section loot (dragon) eggs aren’t even mentioned in the Soul Forge help section as of 9/22/22.


Maybe this post is worth something, maybe it’s not. But on my main I got yellow purple purple green. And on my alt (which I don’t spend the gems), I finally got enough for an egg just this morning and got purple. My GM pulled blue then purple.

In my experience purple is king.

Most people on the forum reported green, my guildmate has 3 browns.
Who knows the actual rates? It could be rigged like gnome-a-palooza verses. Everybody is missing one, but not the same.

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I got 2 green, 1 brown, 1 yellow - for what it’s worth.

3 purple and 1 green. @awryan It is worth to mention that what is common to get for someone may be different for someone else, much like how the verses works, people get significant less of one verse. Nothing new, with other words. :bowing_woman:

Yes. Many of us experience imbalance in verse gnome distribution. When you consider that’s a 1 in 4 RNG situation, dragon RNG is far far worse. I have mentioned corrective RNG many times to combat this but nobody seems to care.