Dragon's Peak is Recruiting (Tacet the Terror's Guild) - TOP 20 Guild - 1.5k Seal, 300 Trophy, and 1M Gold Minimum Per Week - 40k Seals and Multiple Legendary Tasks Per Week [29/30]


We are currently full. But thank you for posting.


Im very interested if you get any spots open! Invite ploxxkangas


I can vouch for Lunari … he/she used to run the guild I was in (Honor Guard) before I joined Match Makers. Was a great GM, friendly, and very active.


Hi there, I would love to join your guild if you ever get an opening. I’m level 1035, all kingdoms maxed, can easily donate 500k, 1500 seals, 300 trophies. I’m also a fan of Tacet’s, watch many of his videos. :slight_smile: please let me know if you’re interested and I will leave my current guild. Thank you! My invite code is ELLCARJEN


@ellcarjen Sure, we have a slot open. Just leave your guild and I can get you in right now.


Thank you Tacet. As soon as I get home to my iPad I will leave guild. Can you give me about an hour?


Sure. :smiley:


Ok I’m ready, left guild. Thanks again. I’m very excited.


@ellcarjen i will send u an invite in a min .


Invite sent


#We are still in need of 1 new member.
###Please leave a comment below or message @Tacet with why you want to join and:

  • Invite Code
  • Level
  • VIP Level
  • Amount of trophies you tend to do every week


Why is VIP level important? The devs giving you resources for that ?:laughing::+1:


Tacet probably wants to prioritize those that have supported the Developers, that’s all.


I account for VIP level because they generate more gold for the guild with less effort due to the gold VIP bonus. It is by no means mandatory for I have many people in the guild with 0 VIP, but it does help lower levels have a higher chance of getting in.


Sry but I just dont like it when certain people are treated better and are even getting certain ressources by the devs. Every player should be treated equal. no offense bro👍


Thank you for your opinion, at this time please either apply or leave. If you wish to continue the discussion please reference the multitude of PTW vs FTP threads or start another and tag @Tacet. The rules are the way they are and VIP level is by no means a requirement.

Recruitment is still open.


I am fortunally Xbox :+1: It wasnt PtW vs Ftp. Just read it again :monkey_face:


Hi, lvl334, all kingdoms are lvl10 between 2 and 5 stars, I like to pvp, usually get at least 6k point per week (450 trophies min). Vip lvl 0. Invite code is POLLOZZ
Currently in a good guild but looking for something more hardcore, and a fan of tacet’s videos.


@Pollozz let me know if your still interested


I am very interested, would be nice to be part of such a good guild