Dragon’s Peak is Recruiting (Tacet the Terror’s Guild) 🐲 - TOP 20 Guild - 1.5k Seal, 200 Trophy, and 1M Gold Minimum Per Week - 40k Seals and Multiple Legendary Tasks Per Week [29/30]

Requirements Per Week:

1.5k Seals
1M+ Gold
200+ Trophies
40k+ points in 30 GW Battles and level 3 Guild Sentinels
Tier 3 in Raid, Invasion and Tower of Doom

Please leave a comment below with why you want to join
or message @Tacet @Demigod or @Julli-of-North
or join https://discord.gg/wh8AB9y

Information we would like to have:

 Invite Code
 VIP Level
 Amount of trophies you tend to do every week
 Your last GW score

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Yeah guys. Dont be shy. :grin:
Become a dragon like us. You won’t regret it
That I guaranteed you. :sunglasses::ok_hand:

BlockquotePlease leave a comment below with why you want to join
or message @Tacet @Demigod or @Julli-of-North
or join https://discord.gg/sUAPXpC

Still looking for good players to join our roster!

We are fun loving guild with adult atmosphere. If you are lvl1000+ dedicated player and want to get most out of this game, you should apply!

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hei guys. We have a spot open. if any is interested. You are more then welcome to join u :dragon: :dragon::dragon:

Come join us! Free friend with every invite!

Send message in discord https://discord.gg/wh8AB9y

2 spots available if anyone is interested.

We are active top 20 guild with adult atmosphere and active chat too. The game is more fun with good company. Join us now! 2 spots open at this moment.

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I am interested in joining your guild. I was actually a member of Dragon’s Peak approx. 16 months ago, but stopped playing January 2018. I am playing now again for about 2 months and I would like to join a better guild than my current one.

Invite Code - BILBO46
Level - 1132
VIP Level - 5
Amount of trophies you tend to do every week - about 200 (I am grinding explore more than PVP atm.)
Your last GW score - 54545 (but our guild is rank 250 in GW)

I am looking forward to your invitation.

Hei Bilbo. U are welcome to join us.
But u have to leave your current Guild

OK, I will wish them farewell and leave. Send me an invitation in 2 hours from now. Thanks

I have left my guild and I am ready for the invitation.

Hei Guys is that time again.
Dp have a spot Open. U are welcome to join Us :grin:

Just bumping this in case someone missed it :grin:

Hei guys. Dp needs 3 good players. If u planning on joining a more serious Guild. With more serious resources. This is the guild. The ppl here are awesome and understanding caring loving and helpful. U are welcome to join us. I hope to hear from u. :ok_hand::sunglasses:

Helllooo Everyone !!!

Dragon’s Peak is looking for 3 great players, level 1k+.

Do you have what it takes to join our top 20 guild? We are high on the brackets and we are looking for players that are willing to take Guild Wars seriously.

We get all tasks done on Monday, multiple LTs during the week, 40k seals, all guild events rewards collected.

We are a guild composed of fun, awesome, helpful, dedicated players and we hope to hear from you soon.

Join our discord server at:



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Stop by, join us!!!

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Looking for that cool, fun, active guild that gets all rewards and many, many LTs during the week?
You don’t have to look further!

Dragon’s Peak Discord Server - Join us today !!!

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I’d love to join the guild as I am a Tacet Fan and my current guild has too many high level nonparticipants. I’m pretty active, am half way to a dawnbringer, 3rd of the way to a zuulgoth, I have about 3rd of the mythics. Just looking for some better support out of the my guild. Would love to join

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