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DRAGON'S PEAK is looking for active players

Tacet the Terror of Youtube and Twitch fame has started a guild. Right now, as of this posting, there are still 5 spots left.

The requirements are 300k gold and 300 trophies per week, if that seems like a lot, you might not want to join.

But right now, the only way to join is to come to Tacet’s twitch channel and request for him to add you while he’s playing.

Post your invite code whenever Tacet asks for them.

PS: There is going to be around 4 million+ gold dropped into keys and gems tasks when all 30 join.

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Only four slots left!

Criteria should be fine. Please send me an invite.


(char char charmander)

This topic is now closed, sorry to late responders, but the invites were only happening in Tacet’s twitch channel where he would add you if you added your code THERE, not here.

The guild is now full.