Dragons of Doom, a new guild looking for members (PC/Mobile)

Dragons of Doom is a new guild with a handful of members who play regularly.
we are looking for new guild mates to help us build the guild from the ground floor up.
we are on nightly from 7pm to midnight EST, and almost always chatting on our mumble server.

you are a regular player, even a beginner is fine, but we expect all members to collect seals and chip in for tasks.
we are a group of 6 who are easy going, we strive to achieve - but we are not hyper competitive … we all have lives.
Currently we have spaces open for 5 people, and more as the guild increases in level.
our crew plays many games together - guild wars 2, path of exiles, overwatch and many others.
we just recently began playing GOW and we are having a great time :slight_smile:
most of us play thru steam, but some of us are also on mobile (tablets).

please reply with your invite code for an invite to our guild.