Dragon Apocalypse recruiting

Hi all,

Dragon Apocalypse is a family run guild that is between casual and competitive. We have a core group of active members between levels 1000-1200 but we aren’t restricting recruits to those levels.

Suggested weekly targets are 100,000 gold, 1,000 gold seals, and 100 trophies but the cutoffs aren’t strict, we’re just looking for active members who’d like to contribute to the guild.

I personally really like the people who are on the team and chat is friendly, helpful and encouraging. It is a really good place to enjoy playing Gems of War while getting lots of helpful resources.

We hope you’d like to join us.


Sign me up

Awesome! Can you find the guild in the game? If so, click join. If not let me know what I can do to help.

Do you use discord?

Not really, no. We tend to just use rather in game chat. Although we do have a discord server, people just didn’t use it much.

Or, did you mean me personally? I use it a little for other stuff.