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Download Required on Android

Hello, every download of the game on Android pops up such a message, you need to click OK to continue downloading.
Slightly annoying.


I get it every time I start the game. Which is new. It wasn’t that way when I first got the patch update. I was told to reinstall the game completely last week. My issue with crashes still happen. And now I get that annoying prompt screen every time I start the game.

I am getting this too. It started >after< I did a clean install of the game on a new phone. Re-install did not fix the problem.

Hello, the dev team is aware of this problem :slight_smile: You can review the known issue article for information on this -
Asset download required on mobile

I might have an update on the progress of this issue next week, otherwise the dev team are still investigating this issue right now.


Thank you, we are looking forward to a positive solution to the problem