Double EXP weekend?


But seems that double XP still didn’t turn on? :frowning:


I was wondering the same. Guess we’ll have to wait for the official announcement then? :wink:


Shouldn’t this post be under Bug topic instead?


Well, Support is about all the problems you see so…


It’s on now - very sorry about the 90 minute delay.

We had some internet connectivity issues here in the office, and I couldn’t either safely turn it on OR post a message about it!

We’ll run it for a little extra time at the end to compensate

Double XP still up?

Thank you! :smile:


Thanks a lot! :smile:


How about you change the number from 2x to 3x instead :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmmm, do we really need such an event again? They’re starting to not feel special…


What’s wrong with these events? They don’t happen a lot and they’re really great for newcomers who can then unlock all kinds of new cool weapons.


I completely disagree with @jainus and think there should be done kind of event EVERY weekend.


I’d be more interested in themed weekends, with some kind of extra arena challenge or something.
Perhaps a double gold weekend for marauder builds. A double gold for wildfork builds. Or a battle of the Goblin weekend where you’d get gold for every goblin killed in PvP using a Goblin’s ability.


Absolutely agree with @melkathi, great ideas!

This is the third bonus weekend in quite recent memory… Or maybe I’m just being a misery guts :stuck_out_tongue:


I would be totally down with those ideas also. Might be harder to implement but “dragon hunt” weekend or some such thing would be great fun!


All of those ideas are fine by me as well, but they’re not mutually exclusive! ^^

I absolutely LOVE the double-XP events, as well as the double-Gold, double-Souls, double-___ versions. XP is particularly hard to come by compared to gold or souls in the long run, especially considering that there is no +100% XP armor. The best XP bonus you can get from an armor is +75%, and you need to buy an otherwise inferior armor for this bonus alone (Lion Armor), which gives no gold (plus I already own four armors, and I’m not really a fan of switching often between them). I’m still at a measly Level 213 despite having played the game for over a year, by now. Double-XP weekend, when I’m at least a bit available, is a GREAT opportunity for me to catch up a little bit on all those high-end weapons! :sunglasses:


We’ve been running these once every 2 weeks, but we WOULD like to step them up to every weekend if we could theme them to make them interesting. The Dragon Hunt idea is pretty cool, so maybe we could do some more along those lines.


Im curious if you could tell me how hard it would be to implement some kind of event only reward…is it something youve talked about?

Example: during “dragon hunt” you get dragon scales whenever you face a dragon and collecting enough of them by the end of the event gives you something. (Weapon, troop etc)