Is a double XP event due?

Any chance of a double XP weekend event ?
There hasn’t been one for a few months.
I’m past caring but I know that some new(ish) players would love to ‘experience’ one :sunglasses:


There hasn’t been any 2x since difficulty settings were added. I was hopping the holidays in December would have had some, but none then either.

Maybe one of the devs will enlighten us :sunglasses:

Console doesn’t have any of the difficulty settings or VIP bonuses. It’d be nice to have on console for sure.

Double XP weekend! Double XP weekend!

(Doesn’t exactly make for a good chant. Too many syllables?)

I don’t want a double XP event. Level progression is fast enough for my tastes, maybe even too fast. Give me double gold, souls, glory, or anything else and I’ll be happy, just not XP.

Gold and XP are pretty easy to obtain on their own. Souls would be alright if a new soul gain troop released along with the event. Otherwise, the only thing I would welcome would be a 2x glory event.

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ZOMG definitely yes!

2x trophy event or 2x map :laughing:

I’d vote for an improved key event. Get glory keys instead of gold keys from tributes/matches. :scream:

I actually think Double Souls would be the most beneficial. Most folks don’t have the funds to do a lot of experimenting and grinding souls is horribly monotonous.