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Done damage by Gobbie isn't correct resolvbed

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Expectations: To do 66 damage.
As shown on screenshot one red frame base damage is 61, gold frame says add 5 total = 66

What really happened: did only base damage 61 as shown in screenshot 2 blue frame.

And NO there were no damage reducing trait or anything active.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every time.

Steps to make it happen again
Play game

Made a cut out of the second screenshot that makes it better visible

It’s a bit difficult to see, but it looks like the first enemy troop has 46 life left.

If so, then the damage figure given is the amount needed to reduce the enemy to zero.

So you could do 1000 damage, but it would still only say “46”. (As long as it dies, it doesn’t really matter :slight_smile: )

The number of gems King Gobtruffle creates is boosted, NOT the amount of damage dealt.


I’m not talking about that first enemy but the second, there is only 61 damage done.

Try to read everything, as I explained base damage is 61, now look at the right there it says boost +5,
So if nothing has changed since I went to school that makes 66
Now look at second screenshot the second enemy left there it says 61 damage

Except that the +5 boost applies to the amount of gems created. NOT damage. So the +5 boost means that 19 gems are created instead of the base of 14 gems created. Therefore, not a bug.


Hmmm … I always thought it was damage that was +5 :thinking:

Three separate things are happening when you cast Gobtruffle’s spell. Each thing is contained within it’s own sentence.

1 - Deal 61 damage to all damage.

2 - Create a mix of 14 green and brown gems, boosted by poisoned and diseased enemies. (emphasis mine)

3 - Gain an extra turn.

Only that second one is boosted and involves the boost ratio in the corner. Damage was never boosted in this spell.

Whenever a spell has boosted by in the description it’s not necessarily the damage that gets boosted. It’s whatever is in the same sentence as boosted by.


Please change the title of this post to indicate it is not a bug and not waste dev time reviewing it . Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Nope, if you read spell description carefully:

Deal 61 damage to all Enemies.

Create a mix of 14 Green and Brown Gems, boosted by Poisoned and Diseased Enemies.

Gain an extra turn.