Bullserker bugged

Platform, device version and operating system: Steam, Windows 10

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

How often does this happen?
I estimate about half the time I used Bullserker throughout the 5 Arena battles he did less than the minimum damage.

When did it begin happening?
Since I used him in this Arena Battle, but I never really paid attention before.

Steps to make it happen again:
Use Bullserker in any combat. Spam as much as possible. Check how much damage he does. About half the time, it’s less than what the minimum should be.

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I think the problem is the rounding happening in the tooltip and the rounding happening in actual calculation may be different. I would have to do some testing but if it is instead rounding for each attack life and armor separately you are getting ([8/3=2] + [5/3=1] + [9/3=3]) for an actual total of 6 which added to the 5 base dmg does 11. There are a lot of these calculations in game that don’t work like they appear to or are shown to so minor discrepancies happen. Not sure which part of it is working correctly and which part is wrong but either the damage calculation or the tooltip calculation appears to be wrong.

That was my first thought but I ran some lvl 12 explores using Bullserker where the stats are much higher and hence less vulnerable to rounding errors. Still happens. In some cases he’s doing less damage than just the amount he is supposed to boost by, let alone base + boost

Every troop that says deal (x/2 to x) damage, boosted by (y) actually functions as deal ((x+y)/2 to (x+y)) damage, where y is the boost.

Put simply:

  • Calculate the maximum damage this spell will do, which is the higher number the spell says it would do
  • Then add the damage from the boost ratio
  • THEN deal between half and all of THAT number, rounded down

This gets brought up every few months. This is likely going to get marked as [not a bug] because the spell itself is working as intended. But, again, this is a bug, because the spell description doesn’t match what the spell effect does at all and very few people would be able to even arrive at how it actually works through an eventual realization and sort of track that logic backward to being in the ballpark of what the spell says it will do or being directly told “no, it actually works like this”.

Recommend the following description change (for all troops that use this):
Deal up to (x) Random Damage boosted by y.
[tooltip: Random Damage]This spell will randomly deal between half and full damage.


idk, if that has sth to do with that old one, where Kafka explained the damage calculation

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Wow that way of calculating is very different to what the spell description says. I suppose they haven’t bothered changing it because it’s a rarely used troop outside the Arena

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