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[Not a Bug] Bullserker hitting below apparent minimum damage

Platform, device version and operating system:

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Damage was expected to be between 88 and 106. Actual damage was 56 in the captured footage.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Happens consistently during testing in pvp though it doesnt always hit below minimum. Estimated 1/2-1/3 of the time. Began at release.

Steps to make it happen again
Cast in pvp or explore.


Also how is it calculating a boost of 71 when (64+65+81)/3 = 70 exactly?

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I recently did some delving into the math of the game trying to figure out exactly how all gold bonuses were calculated. I can say for sure that most numbers in the game are not whole numbers, they have decimal places which are sometimes not shown at all (the decimal is dropped) and sometimes rounded off, so a 64.8 internally can show as 64. His bulls stats which show as 64, 65 and 81 are very likely, internally, something like 64.7, 65.8 and 81.4, which when added and divided by three, and then rounded, is 71.

It was absolutely maddening trying to figure out how the numbers worked. Because once I realized there were unshown decimals and the numbers were being rounded (0-.4 rounded down, .5 and up rounded up), other numbers stopped working… until I realized that some just have the decimal dropped when displayed, but retain the fractional part for any math.

Of course, this is just an educated guess, based on the math I did to figure out how and where gold bonuses were applying in the new explores.


Good points - they do kind of break the unwritten UI rule of “if you use significant decimal digits, show them.”

I can confirm it on ps4 also

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It should be doing from [Magic/2 + Boost] to [Magic + 3 + Boost] damage. It seems to be doing from [(Magic + Boost)/2] to [Magic + 3 + Boost] damage.

Good catch. And while I can see the logic of that (From half of full damage to full damage), from the way it reads, as well as how boosts consistently apply throughout the game, the boost should not be halved. Or at a minimum, his description should state that to avoid the confusion on this single edge case.


This is not actually a bug, it’s a part of random damage. Random Damage will deal damage from a range, the lower number is equal to half of the spell damage (the higher number is the normal spell damage amount). This also applies to any boosts that affect the spell.

eg. I have a Bullserker with 27 Magic. If his spell was a normal damage, it would deal 3 base damage + 27 Magic = 30 spell damage. However with random damage it is displayed as 15 - 30 damage.

This happens because random damage will take half the normal damage as the lower half of the range, while the normal damage is the top half of the range.

When random damage is boosted, the same thing occurs. My Bullseker’s boost is +52, this means the normal damage would be 82, making the damage range on the random damage to be 41 - 82 damage. (as the lower part of the dmg range is halved).


The problem is that the game isn’t showing this. Going by the card text, the spell is doing x to y damage, boosted by z. It’s rather confusing that the spell is actually doing something entirely different than stated.

Maybe the boost should be displayed as 26 - 52, to show what is going on? Or, to stick with the flat boost value, a keyword similar to Splash Damage added to describe the effect? Something like “deal 30 points of Frenzy Damage” that is “boosted +52”, with “Frenzy Damage” showing the tooltip “deal between half and full damage”.


In view of today’s Shaman Class event, it may be worth bumping this topic depicting the ‘logic’ on Bullserker’s dmg to preempt new Bug Reports, since this is ‘not a bug’ and surely the text as clear as it can be, as per the dev’s clarification above.

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Then fix spell descriptions in a way that normal people would understand it, not GOW Dev voodoo speak. :poop:

Honestly, too much of this going on with spell descriptions.

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