Don’t stop believin’

Journey to a new Kingdom, battling to collect Miles along the way.

so does that mean Journeys only happen for new Kingdoms? strange if so

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Thanks for posting it here. Never know if its a support document or forum or both.


Yes I think they said elsewhere this event type would only be for new kingdoms

We stopped believing with weavergate. The title has to be ironic or sticking it to the players. Either way , weavergate is not going away.


Not in the soulforge


How do we unlock the new class?

Find it , sorry
“Each Hero Class is unlocked by completing an extra Quest-line from a specific Kingdom. You must complete the original Quest-line before the Hero Class Quest-line becomes available.”

Also not in soulforge on PS4, after restarting the game. (Well, after it crashed.)

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Your article has a typo.


VII is 7, not 6.

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It’s released as a weekend class trial, so Friday.


Very impressed with the reward tiers, can see why Journey will be a rare event now :sweat_smile:

I’ve reported Thorn’s Blade not being in the Soulforge, thank you for letting us know

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Several duplicate tasks in the campaign this week? Should we also expect the more awkward ones in future, like having to fight 6 dungeon battles several times in a row?


The weapon for the kingdom for beginners is Not in the Soulforge after completing the quest line. Will it appear later?
I have also not noticed to get any war coin after finishing the quest line. :thinking:


Have anyone gotten The Star from the Vault today?

I also received no coins

250 gems for weapon, 1350 gems for max Hawthorne.

2 stone books, 3 imperials, 3 celestials, 6 stone deeds in rewards

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I love the implementation of the labelling of Journey Battle rewards. Clear and straightforward, good job.

Please extend the same to World Events, so we players don’t have to math so much :+1:


Great job on breaking the campaign tasks, just bravo. So much variety.

So far for bronze I’ve had:

Win 4 ranked PvP
Win 4 fights using Banner of Elements
Win 4 ranked PvP
Win 4 fights using Banner of Elements
Win 4 ranked PvP

You’ll never guess what my next task is.

Happy to see this event rewarding efficient play rather than just pseudo-randomising battles.


Any playerbase confirmation that this is true? Guildies asking after going into 3 digit vault keys without luck
:sweat_smile: :crossed_fingers: :vulcan_salute:

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