Dojo mode for testing

It would be nice to have a “dojo” mode where all cards and traits are available, and you set both teams.
No prizes, but it would be very useful for Guild Wars.


++ 1,000 to this

It’s bothersome using my own PVP defense team as a practice hack because the game lacks a practice mode. Of course, you can spare with a guild mate, but that is a hack on the same level.


This is a much needed mode!
Even in a great, friendly, communicative Guild it is difficult/bothersome to find somebody who has the Mythic I’m missing, ask them to set up a specific defense so I can practice against it… So much so that I have NEVER done this! :joy:

But I think that proves my point! I’m in a guild where multiple guildies would volunteer to help me out, and yet I choose not to “practice”. This mode would be a HUGE boon to ALL players. Furthermore, the main reason I don’t set my own defenses and test play myself is because it changes my defense and Id rather not have to mess with that. This would be a safe place for me to test any deck I want against any deck I want.

AWESOME! :grin:


This should be added to QoL thread

It’s already there i asked it couple month ago :slight_smile:

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It’s not quite the same though. I want the ability to fight troops and traits I don’t currently own.

Yup understand now sorry

+1 for this. It certainly will be very useful to practice before we enter the real battle in GW. Not everyone has every troops in game or has all troops traited. :thumbsup:


No need to be sorry. It is indeed related.

I don’t want to put words in the mouths of the devs, but this will never happen.

And if it does I will eat a Sunday Funday hat with the words “Tacet Rules” written on my forehead in ash, on camera, for charity.

Get your screenshots of this comment now, my friends.

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Done and done lol


Just curious why you would think this?

B/c the whole point of the business is to get you to spend money to be able to use the cards. If they freely allow you to try everything out without owning it then why would you ever need to buy?

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I think your misunderstood…

He wants to set the DEFENSE TEAM, not his own.

This would be used for practice against said Team. When using the Defense team, he wants to be able to set what traits, levels etc… and of course this mode should result in ZERO resources being won from it.

Just a pure practice standpoint.


You sure?

That said, they get a lot more money if you have to own the troops, set them to your defense, then fight yourself. It’s a perfectly decent work around and much better for them.

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Of course you can set both teams, but your team should be limited by the cards you have…

Other team though, I could see it being used as above.

I think this mode would be super simple to program, as there are no rewards, no need to track anything. Just purely client based, and cheating it wouldn’t be beneficial.


That’s the important thing. For this mode to be of any use, it would need to be possible to use cards that I don’t have so that I can try out different strategies. For example, I don’t have Famine, but I constantly face it in guild wars. If I want to try out a new build to see how it will work, it does me no good to be able to use only the cards that I have as my opponent. With no rewards at stake, I don’t see the problem. I don’t even get to have the “fun” of using these unobtained cards.


I do not think its in the best interest of GoW to allow the user to use cards they don’t have, or traits they haven’t used as well.

The DOJO is a decent idea, but allowing players to use any cards, may not be a good idea… unless there is a “gem” fee behind it. Then the dev’s might consider this.

Otherwise, I feel it would be dead in the water.

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When I say “use” in my post above, I mean that I would be able to set them up as my opponent, but not be able to put them on my own team and control them. I don’t see any harm in that, when “harm” in this game is usually measured in unearned resources.



Thanks for clarifying, I think words can get misunderstood.

I do feel using only your own cards for the attacking team and allowing All card choices for the Defense team, would be acceptable. :slight_smile:

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