Fast way to test daily defense teams?

Without assigning a team as my “base” PvP Defense team, I don’t know how to fight my own teams quickly.

I’m trying to test different teams for daily defense in GW

I don’t think there are any other ways short of asking a friend to set up their defense team and doing a friendly with them.


Ugh. Not what I wanted to hear lol.

Thanks for the quick answer my friend :slight_smile:

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Wait… I just re-read… no I mean I want to fight MY OWN defense teams.

You know how you can fight yourself by right clicking on your Hero top-right? I want the same but to be able to fight each of MY OWN different Defense teams that I establish for each day of GW

Yeah, as Ozball said, you either have to keep changing your PvP defense to be what you want to test against, or you ask a friend to make their PvP defense what you want to test against. Either way, someone is changing their PvP defense.


Same still applies, there is no other way unless you get a friend to set their defense team to the team you want to test out and play against that.

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I get what’s being said now, thanks for the clarification.


There is a cool talk about making a mode for testing different teams quickly, as well as testing with traits you don’t have. Give it a quick read!

Check my reply there :wink:

I’m sewing the hat just in case :laughing:

Unfortunately I think @Ozball answer is still correct for your clarification. Basically, you can only have the 1 PvP team visible, so if you want to test additional teams you’ll need to switch your defense. Sucks, but that’s all we’ve got right now.

Another small tip, if you’re looking to have your defense tested rather than specifically test it yourself, is to put something up and ask your guild to attack you with a specific team (say brown). This lets you quickly get lots of tests done against your defense with different teams and play-styles. I don’t think this is what you meant, but just a tip if it helps.

EDIT: That’s a lot of ninja responses before me, I need to type quicker :fearful:


It does clarify, it’s just too much work for me. GW has some areas for improvement so I can see this being addressed along with a million other little things in the Unity upgrade.

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