Dojo mode for testing

As I re-read my posts (especially the one where I started with “that’s the important thing…”), I can see how you thought I was arguing with you, when I was actually agreeing wholeheartedly.

@Stan Here are some work around techniques I personally have used in for the current limited system.


  1. Use the 1-100 leaderboard (make notes people don’t change positions or Defend teams that often)
  2. Use your own 30 Guild Roster (make notes)

3. Use the Battle Log
4. Use chat hit X when hovering over text.

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Um, thanks, but I was speaking strictly hypothetically. I’d never actually use a dojo mode myself. I just don’t care enough about individual wins or losses to bother, even with Guild Wars. That might be helpful to others, though!

I’d pay to see that.


No need to pay at all… merely introduce a DOJO Mode and get your camera’s ready!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i think dojo mode is fine if it took 1-2 gems per a fight

  • players would still prefer to own the troop while they could still test it without having it

I think a one-time cost to unlock it would be OK, but if it was a per fight cost it would likely go mostly unused. For lower level players gems are too valuable to spend on something like this, and higher level players would likely continue to use teammates rather than waste resources.

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What if they utilized the timer mechanic that already exists?

Every players gets a single free training session in the dojo after which a count down timer begins the 24 hour reset. If you want to enter without waiting you pay the 1-2 gems to enter the Dojo? This would allow everybody to play test, but your serious competitors will not want to wait a full day and will eat the small gem cost to get back in.



@efh313 that sounds fair :slight_smile:

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Putting a pay wall in front of something that could help encourage diversity in Defend teams seems counterintuitive to me. Currently people just use what others have determined works.


the paywall is there to keep the full value of finding and owning a troop

@Annaerith sniped me!

But what I was going to say is:

“I personally don’t think that a Dojo mode would take anything away from the devs and I don’t believe it needs a paywall. However, I can understand the concern that there might be a diminishing in value if I could access cards and utilize them even in a NON-REWARD mode.”

So, I suggested this as a split the difference compromise. :innocent:


If you managed to get all the cards in the game would you quit playing? I thought you liked the game! That’s such an alien mindset to me. I play to enjoy the puzzle, and try to figure out the best solutions.

Yeah, totally it would have no rewards, just like interplayer fights are now.

I think some miscommunication is going on in this thread. There are two different concepts being talked about, so it is making the conversation confusing.

Idea A: Add a mode that allows you to set a practice defense that includes the full catalog of GoW troops. This lets you use your own unlocked troops to practice against the defense. You don’t get to personally control troops you don’t own. Obviously, this version doesn’t hurt the business model at all.

Idea B: Add a mode that allows the user to practice games with the complete GoW catalog on both defense and offense. Arguably, this may not be favorable to their business model.

Personally, I see no downside to idea A.


Thank you for succinctly clearing that up!

My two cents:

Idea A: Implement without any restriction

Idea B: Implement with my 24-hour timer, so players may sample it and then pay to reuse.



This is going to be a bit rambling… sorry lol :slight_smile:

Two reasons: First it would undermine the entire business model and second ruin the game.

It’s trite and it’s been said before but all businesses share the same core functions regardless of their MO. The lights need to stay on and the staff need to be paid. Gating content to the degree it is done IMO strikes a great balance of respecting the business needs while truly respecting the needs of their customers.

As for the game experience, whether we know it or not on an intellectual or conscious level, there are a great deal of emotional and psychological things happening while we play. This is why we get so emotional when we feel “injustice” in long cascades, dying from DM, etc. This is also why we chase and chase and chase things that always seem juuuuuuuuust out of our grasp but clearly within sight. The thought of that next step of progress, the emotional power of finding that first Legendary… that first MYTHIC… that cannot ever be undermined by allowing unfettered access to content, it would obliterate the game.

I could go on for hours on the above point, but psychologists, cultural anthropologists, focus groups and more work on this behind the scenes. Did you know that psychologists are in regular employ in the development of games?

Here’s something to meditate on: You find yourself in a casino with two slot machines. One pays out, one doesn’t. The one that never pays out is set to free-play. Does that sound like a smart business idea on any level? Is that even the experience the customer truly wants?

I’m getting carried away here and deep. So I think I’ll stop lol.


A great point and one I chose to avoid but since you brought it up…

I don’t think we should have access to all cards. And he is a REAL LIFE, PERSONAL example.

I don’t have Wulfgarok. The general consensus on the forums is that I’m not missing much. He has utility but is not game changing. Great. I don’t care! I still want him. I need to see for myself, I have deck ideas that I think might work, maybe I know something all of you don’t!! :rage:

“Wah Wah Wah Give me Wulfy!”

So I keep waiting for the right moment to blow a wad of keys and try to secure Wulfy. Essentially the worm remains on the hook.

Now lets review that exact same example with an Idea B style DOJO MODE, where I have full access to ALL cards:

I don’t have Wulfgarok. The general consensus on the forums is that I’m not missing much. He has utility but is not game changing. Great. I don’t care! I still want him. I need to see for myself, I have deck ideas that I think might work, maybe I know something all of you don’t!! I know, let me head to the DOJO and build that deck.

Tries it out… epic fail…

“DAMN. WULFY DOES SUCK! Nevermind, I’m glad I don’t have that crap mythic.” :rage:

Now that free mode just cost the devs something, because the “free” mode devalued the unattained mythic. In other words… the worm fell off the hook and I don’t care to chase the hook anymore. :wink:


Thank you for clarifying @Ashasekayi I was personally referring to Idea A above in my comments.


Neither will happen for the same reasons I stated.

I’m not trying to be mr. poopy pants here. Please everybody, this is a complete pipe-dream.

I don’t want to rain on brainstroming because it is really fun and creative, so I’ll take off from this thread.