Raksha where are thou?

Is it only my impression or since the change to single troop defenses, a lot of people decided to stop helping their fellow gamers and just not put up event troops?
I’m at just 85 event points with 128 pvp battles done this week. And thats with chosing raksha defenses over 3 trophy optinos more then a few times.
Come on people, you gaim no benefit from defending, at least help others, it costs you nothing.
I got this face when i get a revenge battle with some cheese stuff like full apoc and i know that same opponent enjoyed getting 4 event points on my defense. Let’s be helpful again, you ain’t achieving nothing with grief defense.


Totally agree. So many grief defence teams this week. Did everyone that had a 1 troop defence throw their toys out of the pram and set Psion and double famine instead? If so, that’s a useless protest.


It’s only hurting players.
I find it funny how players complain about getting tired of facing same defense teams over and over, but they set that same defense team :see_no_evil:

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I do have a Raksha defense team… in theory… But half the time I am using my defense team to practice on my GW opponents or to allow my guildies to practice.


Me too. I changed my defense a lot because of practicing for GW battles. I wish we have dojo mode to practice like suggested here:


Well at least the other half of the time you are helping.

People go from 1 extreme to another - from a point where they accept defenses are irrelevant and set 1 troop, to a point where they imagine defenses are the single most important thing in the game and set coin flip to win defense as its a matter of life and death.

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Yes, it would be very useful.

Btw, for snotstones farming go try casual PvP Don. It’s cheaper to refresh.


Thanks for the tip and on the end I’ll probably going to do so on Sunday. I don’t like doing explores, but regular PvP isn’t offering other options :confused:

This could be also a side effect of the “Single Troop Defenses”: players who already have all Raksha maxed have to choose between being nice and put a 9k team or putting a 5-6k team (4xBandit for example)…

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Oops. I was an idiot and set 4xBandit as my D thinking I was “helping.” Changed to 4xRaksha, just for you, @DonBoba.

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The number of event defenses do appear to be down from last week. Checked the leaderboard last night, and only 14 had event defenses (compared to 24 last week).

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I personally prefer 4x raksha then 4x bandit.

But i am far from saying 4x bandits are bad.

What i am saying is that theres a big number of people complaining about repeating defense teams, but then again a huge number of players are setting those same repetitive teams. Probably half of those who are complaining are having at least 2 horseman in their defense or FG/kerb combo. And on the end defense does nothing (except in GW) so do we really need all those top tier, coin flip defenses? If defenses had any more meaning I’d understand it, but like this, i really don’t get it.


I think there might also be a lot of people who are setting there standard GW defense as their PVP defense since that is what it defaults to each week. This saves them the “trouble” of having to set all 6 days manually one Monday.

Just spit-balling here though… :thinking:


Despite my angry statement earlier this week saying i was only gonna put up cheese toast defense i ACTUALLY put up 4x pride guard but i have gotten very few defense wins or losses this week… Im thinking that a lot of ppl are not doing as much pvp as they usually do. I know that is true for me

Haven’t done any pvp at all, I’m waiting for the left fight fix.
I did put 4x lau up.

I always try to put a team up that doesn’t have the whole 50% bonus to each card… Preferably 0%, but that’s not possible this week :slight_smile:

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That’s a really good point. It’s what I did, but then I changed it the next morning to event cards. Maybe people forgot, or just didn’t care enough anymore.

The other thing I’d say is that Raksha defenses aren’t that strong compared to some of the previous bonuses like Scale Guard, knights, or Whitehelm. So those trying to build a “good” defense or those who use the same team on defense as offense will be less likely to use Raksha’s this week.

This week I’ve switched my defence in PvP from Assassin/Famine/Death/Famine to a Raksha deck, because 50+ attack on a lead troop can be nasty if the AI gets a run of skulls.

The thing that is slightly annoying is having to check the battle log every time to see if the wins were from PvP or GWs, where I’m still running my Assassin team on defence.

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I actually was running a 4× Raksha team for a while, but gave up when too many people had griefer defences setup. Game drives me up the wall with that

Got to love the 3 stealthy Raksh defense + 1 Death Knight…