Doing the PQ2 "Naked Run"


Naked’s in quotes because I can’t unequip spells in this game :sob:


Made it to the ONLY regenerating troll.



I need a permission check. I can’t beat the troll without the torch but the torch is technically a weapon. Do I have clearance to use the torch?


There are a few fights where you do need to use a weapon, so yes that’s fine.



I had to use the torch twice. I can’t delete the spells off my list so I don’t use them.


…So, um, this challenge made a very unlikely enemy my worst nightmare.

I can’t beat Rat Swarms.


Bumping so the Aussies can read it :unicorn:



Any way I can kill rat swarms and still do this run?




I can’t go back to any of the old PQ games now…
The slow speed is obscene now that I’m used to the x4 speed in GoW