Does leveling troops to level 15 still increase Kingdom level?

Topic. Just curious because it isn’t written anywhere in the patch notes or guides. But I remember it from last patches, and the old levels seem to carry over.

The old kingdom levels you had before the update carry over. Gold is used to level kingdoms now. I believe it is about 120k gold and change to go from level 1 to maximum.

Unit level is now used to increase your power points.

Hi ya,

Old 1.0.7 kingdom levels carried over at patch time, but the mechanism to level them did not :wink: The only way to level kingdoms since 1.0.8 is with lottsa gold !!

However, kingdoms now have a “Level” and a “Power” … Levels are 1-10, Power is the stars above the kingdom name … Power is gained by the number of troops in that kingdom that you have, the level of those troops and the number of traits on those troops …

So troop level is still important, but only to kingdom power and not level :wink:


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