Does exploding/destryoing Gems include a chance of Mana Surge?

If you match gems, you have a chance to trigger Mana Surge (double Mana). Does exploding or derstroying gems trigger the chance of Mana Surge as well?

'Fraid not. Mana Surge is exclusive to matches.

No; quite the opposite. You only get 70% of the mana from destroyed gems. This was a result of exploders filling themselves up consistently every turn.

Thx for the info. Thats a very important fact and users should get the information inGame (inside the ability-Description screen of the cards)

You can get it in-game, though the method for it is not default and slightly obtuse.

From the kingdom screen click on the little gear on the bottom right.
Checkmark Detailed Help.
X out of the settings screen and go to Troops
Click on the troop you are interested in.
If it has a boost or explode ability you will see a tip on the right next to the card. For example Ogre lists itself as “70% of mana is generated”. Board Rider notes that “no damage dealt or mana gained” for the line destroyed. Goblin king notes that the boost ratio is 2:1.

It doesn’t solve the problem of needing to know that possibly while in-game, but you can at least see while you are constructing the banner. From there presumptively you can remember the values for the troops you choose I guess.


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