50% mana from explosions?

How does the 50% mana generated from explosions work?

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I’ll share a chart that i created for my guild members on the recent changes.

It gives you the mana intake from the number of gems from explosions.

Edit: Chart updated to round down post-nerf gains.


One exploded gem of a specific colour now gives 0 mana, not one, it’s rounded down, which makes this nerf to exactly 50% much more signifcant. Single exploders now end up creating no mana at all if they don’t hit at least 2 gems of a particular colour.


Thanks for the useful chart, Fiara! Noted that gems count for single exploder (not considered hitting Doomskull) can’t go higher than 9 gems, and row/column explode is maxed at 24 gems.

When consider Doomskulls, the number can be wild as they can chain with each other. Even non-exploder like Peasant could explode whole board, gaining bunch of manas if the situation is right.

So Gouki, it’s not exactly a nerf for single exploders, just balanced change after all of them got buffed by introduction of Doomskulls. 50% might still be too much though.

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I noticed that to.
Was waiting to have time to make a post about it.
But all exploders should be offered a refund for the troop.
As well as weapons that cost X amount of ingots to explode a gem. It’s a worthless upgrade feature now.
But still… Exploders only drastically changed. So when they adjust it to 60%. We will somehow be thankful for it.


When your troop needs exactly one Mana. And you match a doomskull expecting to get that mana. It’s a huge kick in the junk when you realize 50% of 1 is zero.
Totally f’s up the strategy of matches. (Will adjust, but shouldn’t have to).


I was gonna start a new thread. Since you already started one, please let me borrow your thread.

After 4.0 update, exploding gems only provides 50% mana.
However, after examination, I discover that even the rounding formula is changed as well.
Pre 4.0, it’s simple rounding, rounded to the nearest integer, for instance, 0.7x1=1, 0.7x2=1.4=1, 0.7x3=2.1=2, 0.7x4=2.8=3, 0.7x5=3.5=4, and so on. (Blue line, x-axis being Gems of single color destroyed by explosion, y-axis being mana gain from such explosion)
Post 4.0, it’s banker’s rounding, rounded to the nearest even integer, for instance, 0.5x1=0, 0.5x2=1, 0.5x3=1.5=2, 0.5x4=2, 0.5x5=2.5=2, and so on. (Red line)


If explode gems on larger scale, in fact mana gain is not so bad at all. It is 30% less mana gain on average, which is close enough to theoretical value of (0.7-0.5)/0.7=28.57%.
However, it’s absolutely abysmal on smaller scale. Weapon upgrade with explode one random gem now provides little to no mana gain.

I would suggest make it round to nearest odd integer, then mana gain would be 0.5x1=1, 0.5x2=1, 0.5x3=1.5=1, 0.5x4=2, 0.5x5=2.5=3. This still provides 27.27%, close enough to 28.57%, less mana gain overall, but makes explode 1 gem still viable. (Green line)

This is Gameplay Chat category, I think I should post to Feedback category?


I don’t see how that is true. Single-exploders have not been buffed specifically by the introduction of Doomskulls, Doomskulls increased the manayield of mass exploders aswell.
Now with this nerf even if you hunt for Doomskulls with your explosion(which often is not the optimal way to use Single-exploders anyway, since you should hunt for extraturns which is what makes them so much fun and rewarding) a double explosion still has a vastly higher chance of resulting in 0 mana for several specific manacolours by just hitting them once, a problem mass exploders barely have at all as they tend to always hit 2 or more of each colour.


But since the 2 explosions are individual in nature. I doubt the system combines them before counting 50%.
As in… If one doomskull generates red Mana and at the same exact time another doomskull generates red Mana.
Is it 2 x 0.5 or … 1 x 0.5 + 1 x 0.5
The former results in 1 red Mana gained.
The latter results in 0 red Mana gained.


Honestly i don’t know how it adds up with Doomskulls and weapon perk explosions in the mix.
I just know that all exploded mana of a particular spell gets added before it gets halfed by the modifier, i would have to test if Doomskull and perk explosions are too.

Edit: probably won’t though, 'cause what’s the point really single exploders are dead weight now regardless.

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Oh well, in that case, you’re right. But this might also be one of the reason explosion got nerfed in the first place. Player no longer need to match the mana they need, doomskulls do a much better job, with attack and gaining mana both as once.

I meant to say, all troop that interact with board (maybe except Converters) got buffed by Doomskulls, not exclusive to Single-gem Exploder. They all can still now got higer area of effect, but less mana especially in 1-gem case. That’s why I said 50% might be too much. Get the modifier to always round up or change to 51% like Mithran suggested might be a better solution.

As you mentioned, they still do very good job if you aim at creating extra turn or align skulls match instead of gaining mana. Especially in Hall of Guardian’s fraction team challenge, Arcane Golem is perfect support for other attack-heavy troops.

Thanks Gouki!
I’ll get that chart updated and reloaded.
It was a chart that my members asked, to see the impact of the nerf after it was announced but i never knew they even changed the rounding method :rage:

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It bugs me because after playing with Divines for months, I had a really good feel for which move would do the thing I wanted when I had a choice. Now I have to reprogram my intuition and that takes longer than developing it in the first place. :confused:

The math in this thread is beyond the capability of the devs. Free to math, pay to mana!